John King posts hysterical tweet following his election coverage

Although Election Day in the United States was on Nov. 3, 2020, journalists all over the country worked non-stop hours from then until the election was called on Nov. 7. On-air hosts on several networks provided round-the-clock coverage of the race between President Donald Trump and President-elect Joe Biden. These journalists constantly kept the entire world updated — because yes, people have been tuned in everywhere. 

CNN’s coverage has been perhaps the most prominent, with Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper, John King, and others breaking down the ballot numbers from each state and outlining all the ways each candidate could get the required 270 electoral votes to win the election. In a tight race that has been one of the most watched in recent history, viewers have come to rely on CNN’s journalists for not just facts but entertainment as well. 

Not only did the internet love Cooper’s slip of the tongue in the early days, but now that the election has been called in favor of Biden, CNN’s team has had a few moments to relax — which led to a fitting yet hilarious reaction from King.

John King hasn't slept since Election Day

News anchor John King seemingly hasn’t slept since before Election Day. No, really — he hasn’t left our TV screens at all during the network’s 24/7 coverage. So when fellow reporter Matthew Smith jokingly shared side-by-side photos of King on Twitter that were clearly taken several years apart but remarked that King had aged gracefully over the few days following the election, it was only fitting for King to chime in. King quote-tweeted the original and simply added, “Fact check: feels sort of true.”

Indeed it does, after a very long election week. King has been on hand to cover every aspect of the election for CNN, something he’s been doing for decades. He currently hosts the show Inside Politics in addition to being on Election 2020 duty this week. The reporter has been at CNN since 1997, but this election in particular has really seen him — and other newscasters — gain popularityNot only has he been keeping viewers up to date on the election, but he’s done it with humor and very little sleep. 

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