Joel Dommett and wife watched as house was ransacked in terrifying burglary at new home

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Comedian Joel Dommett opened up about having to watch a recent burglary at his house via security camera, while out with his wife.

The Masked Singer host said he and his partner Hannah Cooper were in tears while watching the burglar going through their handbags and shoes after breaking in through a window at their new home.

The police quickly arrived on the scene and were forced to use a taser as he attempted to run from them.

The pair bought their home following their marriage in 2019 in Greece.

Joel took the trauma of the incident and included it in his latest comedy routine.

He said: “After we got married, we finally moved to a new house. We got burgled fairly shortly after we moved in. It was mad.

“It is everyone’s worst fear and it was horrible. We saw on our CCTV camera this guy in our garden, and luckily me and her weren’t in the house, but we saw it and rang the police and drove home.

“It was mad as we saw on the cameras the police arrive and we weren’t sure if the guy had left.

"We arrived and the police had gone in through the smashed french window and the guy was in there for 15 minutes.

"He was getting shoes and handbags and putting them back in boxes. Essentially he was tidying up. The police came at him with this Taser.”

The burglar has since been sentenced to four years in prison for the crime.

Joel had been telling the story at 2Northdown in North London, as part of a work in progress routine in preparation for his tour starting in October.

He even spoke about how the incident had rattled the couple enough to put them off having children.

He said: “Clearly the police don’t catch people very often as they were so excited about it. We came through the door traumatised and the police were there saying, ‘Oh, we got him’.

“Me and Hannah were crying. People ask me, ‘When are you going to have kids, Joel?’ We wanted kids and my brother had kids and then we were like, ‘I don’t think I want kids any more. That s*** looks difficult’.

“So me and Hannah are expecting a sofa. It takes 12 weeks. It’s well exciting.”

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