Joanna Gaines Has an 80s Flashback and Fans Praise Her for Bringing Back Memories

Joanna Gaines is the popular host of shows like Magnolia Table and Fixer Upper: Welcome Home. The interior designer has an amazing following on social media where fans get glimpses of her life off of the cameras. After a lovely Christmas, Gaines shared she got rollerskates and posted a video having fun with her daughters giving her followers an 80s flashback.

Joanna Gaines gets reactions from fans

“There’s nothing you can’t do,” a fan replied.

“And NOW I know what to ask Santa for Christmas for next year! This is awesome,” a follower mentioned.

“Brings back so many memories!!” a viewer commented.

“OMGeez I love it!!! Now I’m needing to find me some roller skates,” an Instagram user added.

“Boy that brings back fantastic memories,” another fan said.

“How fun! Great memories for you and your girls,” another follower replied.

“You are such a good mom and good sport. I laughed so hard because I pictured my daughter and I trying to do this with the exact same results,” another viewer shared.

“I want to skate so bad!!! I loved it when I was younger,” another Instagram user wrote.

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