Jeremy Clarkson shares ‘sadness’ at Ukraine invasion with poignant picture

Jeremy Clarkson makes awkward jibe to Ant McPartlin

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Jeremy Clarkson, 61, has posted his sadness in regards to the invasion of Ukraine which took place yesterday morning. The star posted an Instagram photo of himself in Ukraine as well as a tweet about the situation.

He posted a picture of himself several years ago in the country and explained that it was an even “sadder” place now.

The snap, which he shared to his 4.4 million followers, was taken from Top Gear’s Ukraine special back in 2014.

The photo showed Jeremy standing in front of the abandoned Pripyat amusement park, which is located near Chernobyl in Ukraine.

He wrote in the caption: “It was sad then. It’s even sadder now.”

Fans of Jeremy from Ukraine and all over the world commented on the post in praise of the star.

@Andorei.andorei wrote: “Thanks from Ukraine Jazza.” (sic)

@Freddiecarr said: “Ur a good lad jezza” (sic)

@Tutsloeslo penned: “And it’s sad for all of us, even in Russia, we don’t support this”

@Tiptreegangsta said: “Pray for Ukraine”

@Okelljellberger commented: “Thank you for recognising this @jeremyclarkson1 My wife is Ukrainian and we have family in Kyiv. We are in shock.”

@Angele_I_10 said: “Utterly devastating.”

Jeremy also tweeted a message to his followers in regards to the situation and recognising the effects of the invasion.

He said: “What p****s me off is that I know some great Russians and some great Ukrainians.

“And I’ve had some f*****g great nights in both countries. Putin: you are such a c***.”

Fans responded with contentious opinions.

@PaulFantham said: “It’s not all about you Jeremy.”

@Boon25 wrote: “What about people in Palestine? Idk why people r so care to Ukraine, but not to Palestinians.” (sic)

@Gallifrey penned: “As a Russian i wanna be heard now – we do not support him and his actions. (sic)

“We do not. We’re scared and devastated.”

@Andrew18786 quipped: “I hereby nominate you as leader against this awful war.”

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