Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh: Are These 90 Day Fiance Stars Married?!

There have been a lot of struggles in the ongoing love story of Jenny and Sumit.

Now, the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple is dropping major hints that they’re married.

“Humanity runs on coffee and chai,” the caption of this photo from Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh’s shared Instagram account begins.

“So keep drinking and enjoy life,” they write.

“What’s your first wake up drink of the day?” the caption asks, adding: “Mine is chai.”

Though some fans engaged with the “chai vs coffee debate,” with some apparently learning for the first time that chai just means “tea,” others picked up on something else.

Is that … a wedding band?

Fans and followers think that it looks an awful lot like Sumit is wearing a wedding band … and the couple aren’t exactly denying it.

Jenny and Sumit’s account replied to one eagle-eyed fan, simply writing: “Keep it secret.”

The words were followed by a zipped-lips emoji and a winky face emoji.

Obviously, the comment is very public, and is not a “secret” by any measure.

“Oh that’s an answered prayer!!! That’s so wonderful!!!!!!” Gushed one commenter.

Another, showing a sense of humor, quipped: “That’s great !!! Congratulations champagne .. no tea.”

Perhaps they will save the champagne for when more of their story has aired and can therefore be discussed.

See, 90 Day Fiance stars are under non-disclosure agreements, though there are gray areas regarding their private lives.

The idea is that they should not spoil their seasons. However, they are not paid nearly enough to spend 8 months or more in hiding.

Recently, Larissa Lima told all about how a producer called her and demanded that she take down a photo that showcased her new, post-surgical measurements.

Now, Jenny and Sumit did not technically confirm that they are married.

Whether or not producers will call and demand that they pull down the photo or comment is up in the air, but perhaps they’ll let it rest.

Jenny and Sumit are together and love each other — the only question has been whether his parents will allow them to marry.

Sumit’s parents have made it clear that they will never accept Jenny as Sumit’s partner.

In Indian society, under the country’s Constitution, one’s family can object to a marriage and thus legally bar it from happening.

This is not unique to India. In fact, the concept of elopement in Europe and in North America arises from similar toxic ideas of familial control.

Maybe they are just playing games with followers.

Maybe it’s just a ring, or perhaps Sumit and Jenny have taken to wearing symbolic rings but are not yet married.

But then there’s that comment. Hmmm …

There is a lot of ambiguity in an innocuous ring photo, even if their comment did appear to let the cat out of the bag.

Either way, we are happy to see that Jenny and Sumit’s love journey continues despite the unfair legal and social opposition that the two are facing.

They love each other and work well together. Nothing else should matter.

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