Jeff Lewis Reveals His Daughter Is Rejected by Private Schools After His ‘Superspreader’ Event

After catching COVID-19 following a holiday party that’s ‘worth almost dying for,’ the ‘Flipping Out’ star is sharing his concerns about his 5-year-old-daughter’s future in the latest episode of his radio show.

AceShowbizJeff Lewis apparently didn’t expect that his “superspreader” event would affect his daughter’s school application. The former star of “Flipping Out” revealed that his 5-year-old daughter Monroe Christine Lewis was rejected by private schools after the news broke that he got COVID-19 after throwing the holiday party.

“Gage and I in the last week or two have been getting along famously and co-parenting nicely until all those articles [about the party] came out,” the 51-year-old TV personality said in the Thursday, December 30 episode of his SiriusXM radio show “Jeff Lewis Live”, referencing his ex Gage Edward, with whom he shares Monroe. “And now Gage is concerned Monroe is not going to get into private school.”

Jeff further explained, “This is very bad timing for us.” The Bravo alum added, “We’ve heard back from one school, and they got back to us right away. They said, ‘We know who you are. We know who Monroe is and… we are not interested in Monroe.’ That’s what they said.” He then fumed, “She’s a f**king angel. Why would you deny her? She has so much to offer to that school.”

Days earlier, Jeff revealed that he contracted COVID after throwing a party, which was held at “The Real Housewives of Miami” alum Lea Black‘s Los Angeles home, that’s “worth almost dying for.” He opened up in the Monday episode of his radio show, “Thursday is when everyone started testing positive.”

Jeff added that the “Shahs of Sunset” star Mercedeh Javid Feight, who was also in attendance, tested positive as well. “A third of us got it. And we also have people with symptoms who haven’t been tested yet,” he noted.

Offering more details on his symptoms, Jeff said, “By the next day I was in pretty bad shape.” He continued, “My fever went up to 103.8. I was able to get it down to 102 then it soared to 104.5, which is insane. Scottie [his boyfriend] took a bowl of ice water and was putting clothes on my body to try to bring the temperature down.”

“There was no sweat whatsoever, I was just radiating heat,” Lewis shared. He also said that he “was a little delirious” and told his on-again-off-again boyfriend Scott Anderson, “I think you’re going to wake up tomorrow and I’m going to be dead.”

Lewis went on to say he had done everything to ensure everyone was safe, even hiring a nurse to test every guest before they went in. “People are saying we’re reckless and stupid. No, we’re not, f**kers,” he insisted. “We were all vaccinated and we had a nurse there testing all of us before we even went in the door. I thought we were being responsible.”

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