Jason Manford in furious row as Starstruck branded ‘boring’ and full of ‘karaoke singers’

Starstruck: Sheridan Smith tearful over John Legend act

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Comedian Jason Manford, 40, was left reeling when a viewer criticised his new ITV show, Starstruck. Jason stars as a judge on the talent show which sees contestants transform into their music idols and battle it out to be crowned the best impersonator.

Saturday night’s episode saw tributes to Elton John, John Legend, Kylie Minogue and Billie Eilish.

However, some viewers were left unimpressed by the calibre of talent.

One named Andrew took to Twitter to share their views, raging: “Won’t be a second season, it’s a pile of s***.

“So boring and judges say they are good when they are all just karaoke singers.”

Jason responded in a series of now-deleted explosive tweets. He confirmed that a second series is already in the works and urged people not to watch if they weren’t enjoying it.

He fumed in view of his 410,000 followers: “Second season already commissioned n**head. Watch sommat else. So f***ing boring being trolled by grown adults.” (sic)

Andrew then angrily replied: “Being trolled but you call me a n**head. A lot of people think it’s sh***. Sounds like you expect everyone to think it’s the best show ever when in reality it’s a poor turnout.”

Jason maintained that he “doesn’t expect everyone to like it” but stated “3.5 million watch it every week” and his issue lay with “d***heads coming online” with “troll behaviour”.

Angry Andrew hit back: “So, people can say how amazing it is but if we say it’s not very good that’s troll behaviour? Your opinion is that it’s amazing and my opinion is that it’s sh***.

“You’ve called be a n****d and a d*****d so far, so I would say you are the troll mate.”

To which the comedian replied: “I’m just saying don’t be a c*** that’s all.”

The expletive-filled row didn’t go down well with some fans, with one named Sarah saying she had been a fan but is now “disappointed”.

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She tweeted: “I really enjoy Starstruck and was a fan @JasonManford but after seeing this I’m disappointed.

“To call someone offensive names for having an opinion on a show, not you personally, isn’t ok. It’s a shame you deleted the comments, luckily I took a screenshot.”

The judge replied to her comment with another raging statement: “Hahaha another troll being a n**head! Screenshot what you like but if you come at me with bulls**t then I will put you down, same as your friend (although more like it’s just you again…hi Andrew).” (sic)

Following Saturday’s instalment, Jason also jumped to the defence of one of next week’s singers named Keeley Smith who was left shocked by the “vicious” comments on Twitter.

The vocalist penned: “I think I’ll stay off Twitter when I’m on #Starstruck next week. Boy, you guys are vicious! It’s light-hearted fun! I thought we all needed that?”

Jason came back with some useful advice on how to deal with trolling.

He wrote: “You do what you need to do but remember the old adage, ‘don’t take criticism from someone you wouldn’t go to for advice’.

“Easier for us as we’ve been dealing with it for so long, but it can be a shock when new. My advice is don’t let it ruin your week, you know how good you are.”

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