Janel Parrish Gushes Over Her Friendship With Sasha Pieterse

Who knew that Mona and Alison were really good friends in real life?!

Janel Parrish is opening up about just how close she and Sasha Pieterse are in a new interview.

“Sasha and I have always been so close,” Janel shared with POPSUGAR. “When we had scenes together in PLL, we were always fighting. So [in The Perfectionists], it was really fun to explore what a friendship looks like between Mona and Alison. It came pretty easily to us because we are really close in real life.”

She adds, “It was so fun to come to work every day and be partners in this thing together.”

Janel, like us all, is eager to hear if Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists will be back for a second season.

One thing she wants to see, on top of Mona and Mason, is who exactly The Professor is! Us too, Janel!

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