Jack P Shepherd: ‘I don’t know’ Coronation Street star addresses soap future amid new move

Coronation Street star Jack P. Shepherd, 31, and his co-star Colson Smith, 21, joined host Craig Charles, 55, on BBC Radio 2 to discuss their new podcast Sofa Cinema Club.

But after discussing the project, the conversation soon turned onto their time on the cobbles.

Craig, a former Coronation Street actor, highlighted one of Jack’s most recent scenes which saw him end up in prison.

Jack’s alter ego was sentenced for stealing money off his on-screen grandmother Audrey (played by Sue Nicholls).

I’m still getting the storylines, the Platts are always in

Jack P Shepherd

Following this conversation, Craig then asked Jack if was set to stay on the soap “for life”.

Jack replied: “Well, I don’t know. I mean at the minute yes, because I’m still getting the storylines like you say, the Platts are always in.”

Turning to his co-star Colson, he added: “You’re getting stories now aren’t you, so at the minute yeah.”

Jack joined the soap in 2000 as part of the famous Platt family.

During the same podcast, Jack P Shepherd revealed his tactic to avoid being recognised in public.

Craig asked: “How do you cope with the constant recognition?”

Revealing his way to avoid fans, he replied: “If you sort of just want an easy day or do what you’re doing like shopping, there’s certain little things you can do.

“So a good one is, I have my headphones on and plugged in and pretending that I’m on the phone when I’m not.”

He added: “So, I just put the phone on silent so it doesn’t ring.

“Imagine if it rang, do you know what I mean?” he added, while giggling about the idea.

Demonstrating his fake conversations on the phone, he said: “‘Yeah, yeah, nice one mate’ and stuff like that.”

He added that he also tells fans who approach him that he is on a “conference call”.

Elsewhere in a recent interview, the David Platt star admitted he would fear losing his job if he did a reality show such as I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!.

Speaking to the Daily Star, he said: “I’d lose my job if I did I’m a Celeb.

“I’d say something un-PC or upset someone and come out and have no job. I don’t think work would let me.”

Coronation Street continues tonight at 7.30pm on ITV.

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