India Royale Addresses Rumors Lil Durk Had a Child With Another Woman During Their Relationship

The allegations that the ‘Back in Blood’ rapper fathered a child outside of his relationship with India resurface after she rejected his Valentine’s Day tribute.

AceShowbizIndia Royale makes it clear that no baby was involved in the end of her relationship with Lil Durk. The Internet personality has addressed rumors that her ex-boyfriend had a child with another woman when they were together.

While the rapper might have cheated on her, the fashion blogger shut down the speculation he fathered a child outside of their relationship. “He did not have a baby on me,” so she wrote on Twitter, ending the rumors once and for all. She added, “I wish y’all stop saying that.”

The allegations resurfaced after Durk seemingly attempted to win India back with his Valentine’s Day post, but she rejected it. Giving a shout-out to his ex-girlfriend, he wrote on his Story on Tuesday, February 14, “Happy Valentine’s day to the wonderful woman that made me a man I love you @indiaroyale.”

The Voice set it to Kanye West and Future‘s “I Won” collab. On the song, Future raps, “I just wanna take you out and show you off/ You already know that you the perfect one/ Girl when I’m with you, feel like a champion/ Ever since I got with you I feel like I done won me a trophy.”

Apparently not swooned by Durk’s tribute, India took to Twitter to seemingly react to the post. “People really do not respect boundaries at all. I try me best to be respectful and not put on a show but people don’t respect my choices,” she wrote, before shutting down any chance of future reconciliation, “Let it go.”

Durk later claimed that he didn’t post things for the Internet. “I post ’cause I wanted to[.] The internet don’t run durk,” he seemingly responded to her tweet. “Try the troll with another mfr leave certain people alone.”

Following India’s denial to the baby rumors, Destini Phillip, who has been rumored to be Durk’s baby mama, took to her own Story to ask people to stop the conversation about who her baby daddy might be. “When is this wo my bd conversation gonna be over?1?1? It been 2+ years of y’all harassing me over who MY bd is,” she wrote.

“Me telling y’all who my bd is, isn’t going to cure cancer or your financial problems,” she clapped back at the trolls. “Yes ik who my bd is I’ve know since I saw them 2 lines, no I will never ever post him ever and no I have never posted him.” She concluded her message, “Move on leave me tf alone. Thanks bookies.”

While Destini never said Durk was her baby daddy, she never denied it either. Meanwhile, fans have been convinced that the “Backdoor” rhymer is the father of her child because her daughter allegedly bears resemblance to India’s daughter with Durk.

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