'I Guess She Was Offended': Nebraska Senator Offers Non-Apology After Taking Nonconsensual Photos Of His Aide

Nebraska State Senator Mike Groene has offered to resign amid a creepy new scandal involving an aide… but will he apologize??

An aide to the Republican lawmaker filed a formal complaint of a violation of the legislature’s harassment policy earlier this month after finding photos of herself on her boss’s computer. Photos she never posed for that she never realized Groene had taken. Complaints about senators or staffers aren’t released to the public unless the Executive Board finds “serious” misconduct. Not sure what that entails, but what the staffer has revealed publicly is pretty gross. Kristina Konecko told the Omaha World-Herald there were several closeup pics of various body parts, along with sexually suggestive captions. Ew.

Groene has given a jaw-dropping response to Konecko’s accusation. He confirmed he had taken the photos — because how could he deny it, right? — but said they were harmless — and that he often took photos of staffers, visitors, and family members.

Um, this is a little different than making a scrapbook of your time in office, Mikey. We’re talking about fetish photography here!

That part, at least, Groene denies. He says the pics weren’t closeups of body parts and were not of a sexual nature at all. (Please, like a woman doesn’t know when pics of herself are of a sexual nature? Ugh.)

Speaking to the Associated Press about the matter, he said he apologized to Konecko when she originally confronted him — but then he pretty much blamed her for overreacting in so many words, shrugging:

“She’s a very modest person and I guess she was offended.”

“I guess she was offended”? That is NOT an apologetic attitude, guy!

As far as his offer to resign, that seems genuine. He told the outlet:

“I’m done. I really don’t care. I don’t care about politics anymore. I’ve got bigger fish to fry.”

To be clear, Groene was coming up on his term limit anyway, so he’s giving up less than a year — though he has also offered to leave politics altogether.

That may not be enough for everyone. His Democratic colleague in the Nebraska Senate, Megan Hunt, sent a letter to the Attorney General and the Nebraska State Patrol to request they investigate the matter to see if any laws were broken. We’re not holding our breath — in Nebraska, even nonconsensual pornography has yet to be made illegal. Considering who we now know is making the laws, it’s no wonder, right?

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