How a 19-Year-Old Student Got Us All to Play Beyoncé’s Assistant for a Day

It took Landon Rivera five hours to create the viral Beyoncé assistant simulation game that took over Twitter. Known on the platform as @CORNYASSBITCH, the 19-year-old from Los Angeles was inspired by a similar quiz he saw a few years ago, but decided to create his own version that would appeal to his Beyoncé-loving followers. Rivera—a student, freelance 3D designer, and Beyoncé fan since 2013—was already tweeting about Queen Bey before posting his now-famous thread.

The intricate choose-you-own-adventure-type tweets tested whether people could survive a day of appeasing the singer’s needs with a series of scenarios. Do you feed her yogurt or a five-star breakfast before a red carpet appearance? What changes do you request for her hotel room before she arrives? And what on earth do you do if she Facetimes Jay-Z and he doesn’t pick up? If you choose the wrong answer, you get fired. #BoyBye

The questions were “mostly based off logic” and fun facts about Beyoncé, Rivera tells BAZAAR.com. He already knew most of the info, but he did have to look at a call sheet for that question about red toilet paper. (According to the game, Bey wants this in her hotel room instead of freshly painted walls, titanium drinking straws, and 100 percent cotton staff uniforms.) The process was a lot of typing, copying, and pasting. “I drafted it on my computer, then I just put it on my phone,” he explains.

He says he didn’t even have a set plan when he first started tweeting the scenarios. “I actually was doing it as I was going along. Like I didn’t map it out or anything.” The momentum grew as soon as he posted the first set of questions on June 22. People were even urging him to hurry up and finish as they were completing the game.

The Twitterverse was hooked. Users, including celebrities, gloated in their victories or lamented their shocking terminations. Chrissy Teigen made it three rounds in, while Questlove got farther than he expected. (I, sadly, lost on the first try.)

“I thought that was so cool that they were doing it, and non-Beyoncé fans were doing it too,” Rivera says. At the time of writing, the original post has amassed over 98,000 retweets and over 256,000 likes. He also got over 20,000 new followers from the post’s success.

Rivera estimates that about a couple hundred people actually completed the quiz successfully, “but I’m sure they probably cheated.” Of the thousands of responses he’s received about the game, Teigen’s was his favorite. “This is amazing and really well done I got fired about 3 in,” the model and TV host tweeted.

But the real question is: Has Beyoncé noticed it yet? “I’m not too sure, but I’m sure she probably heard of it or saw it,” Rivera says.

In the wake of his viral fame, Rivera has continued the simulation quiz format on Twitter, covering more pop culture-related topics “because that’s mainly what I know best,” he says. He recently posted one titled, “Being Cardi B’s body guard: DONT GET HER ATTACKED.”

For those wondering, yes, Rivera would be interested in being Beyoncé’s assistant one day. As for whether he’d prepare a breakfast of yogurt and granola, he says, “Well yeah. Just depending on what she’s doing that day.”

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