Helena Christensen Takes Denmark Dip in Freezing Water, Shows Off Swimsuit

Helena Christensen is showing the world how to really weather a storm — frolicking in freezing water, but instead of a wetsuit, she’s doing her supermodel thing in a swimsuit!!!

The Danish model posted a bunch of photos and videos this weekend, wearing an all-white suit, while at home in Denmark. In the video, she takes a dip in sub-zero temps. At one point, her pal even joins in on the fun.

She clearly wasn’t fazed at all by the weather. Under the post, she wrote, “Perfect day for a river swim ⛄️👙”, as she got fully into the water — shoulders and all.

The Danish are just built different.

In another post, she let fans know just how cold it was … sharing a pic of the thermometer, just to make it official it was FREEZING. And, of course, some folks ate it up in the comments.

One user wrote, “You are the one and only ice queen! 🧊 ❄️! Inspired!” … while another one cosigned ” Your[e] crazy and I am jealous ❤️❤️❤️❤️”.

As you may know, Helena has one kid, 23-year-old son Mingus Reedus, whom she had with ‘Walking Dead’ star Norman Reedus.

One thing she makes very clear … mama’s still got it!!

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