Halle Berry, 55, wows fans with flash of lingerie as they praise ‘best legs in Hollywood’

Halle Berry sizzles in little more than a blazer

Halle Berry sent pulses racing among Instagram fans this week by treating them to shots in this revealing outfit.

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Halle Berry dared to bare beneath a chic black boyfriend-style blazer.

The Catwoman star flashed a glimpse of matching black lingerie beneath her jacket, while looking away from the camera to add an air of mystery.

She also added a hint of classically French style to the dramatic look by sporting a jet black beret atop her head.

The 55-year-old Oscar winning star, whose slender pins peeked out from beneath her blazer, also added sunglasses to the outfit, making the overall look a huge hit among her fans.

While her followers poured praise on the image, Halle revealed that she had been celebrating her second Valentine’s Day with current partner Van Hunt.

After their romantic beach-front day, Halle took to the seaside for a second time, leapt into the air while wearing a beige cut-out swimsuit and posing for the camera.

In reference to her commitment to her partner, the Moonfall actress has affectionately written: “I choose LOVE! I love you Van.”

Halle Berry on the beach

Halle Berry posted this beachside leap of joy on Instagram today

Halle Berry’s sensational shots at the beach

Halle Berry boasted on #FitnessFriday as she worked out with Peter Lee Thomas

Halle Berry chooses love on the beach

Recently Halle Berry was back on the beach for quite a different occasion – celebrating Valentine’s Day with her beau Van Hunt

Halle Berry and Van Hunt

Halle Berry chose love as she wished her man Van Hunt a happy Valentine’s Day.

Halle Berry at a showbiz event

Halle Berry was also oozing glamour to maximum effect earlier this month at a premiere for latest movie Moonfall, demonstrating that she never stays still too long.

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