GMB’s Richard Madeley sparks 800 Ofcom complaints after comments on death threats

Good Morning Britain has received hundreds of Ofcom complaints after presenter Richard Madeley made a comment about death threats on the ITV daytime show.

The presenter, 65, received criticism from viewers after he questioned if abuse received by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer was a “big deal” as he hosted the show.

Richard's comments led to over 800 complaints to the communications regulator Ofcom, who will decide whether to further investigate.

Leader of the Opposition Kier, 59, was sent death threats after Boris Johnson falsely claimed that he had failed to prosecute Jimmy Saville.

On GMB, Richard said: “Now, we learnt yesterday that Keir Starmer is getting death threats online; people calling for his execution…”

To which journalist Andrew Pierce, interrupted with: “Well, politicians get that all the time.”

And I'm A Celebrity star Richard added: “I was going to say… is it that big of a deal?”

The following day Richard, who was presenting alongside Susanna Reid, apologised for his prior comments.

"It was a really busy show yesterday, we had so much to do. I want to say one thing very quickly at the top here," he said.

"I tried to pose a question on one of our early discussions on the programme about how prolific online death threats are. I didn’t actually quite press it properly, I didn’t go into it enough."

He added: "I just want to reiterate the obvious statement that death threats clearly are never acceptable."

At the time, viewers took to Twitter to express their shock at the presenter’s comments.

One person wrote: “Richard Madeley suggesting death threats to Kier Starmer are no big deal, when 2 mps have been murdered in recent years. When will @Ofcom finally act against #GMB? Their producers, and Madeley should be held personally liable.”

A second added: "“Is it that big a deal?” To clarify, Richard Madeley asks if a death threat and a call for the execution of Kier Starmer is that big a deal? Seriously?! Get this man off my tv NOW! #GMB #peabrain.”

While a third exclaimed: “#GMB Id like to register my complaint against the appalling comment made by Richard Madeley re the Kier Starmer death threats on GMB. Surely this shocking comment is a sackable offence!”

This comes after Richard revealed that he and wifeJudy Finniganwere thrilled to discover that they would soon be grandparents again.

The couple’s daughter, Chloe, announced she was expecting her first child with husband James Haskell later this year.

After James broke the news during an appearance on Good Morning Britain, Richard thanked fans for their well-wishes.

He said: "Can I just say a huge thank you to all of you who sent such really lovely messages yesterday, after we announced the impending birth of my… fifth, fourth is it? Fourth grandchild, a daughter."

Richard added: "James Haskell, Chloe’s husband, was here and he announced it. You all flooded in with just lovely comments."

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