Get to Know ‘Mi Amor’ Singer Nova Miller With These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Nova Miller is fast becoming one of pop’s most exciting Ones to Watch, and we want to give our Just Jared readers a chance to know her even better!

The 19-year-old Swedish singer-songwriter and powerhouse vocalist has been steadily winning fans with her incredible voice and impressive musicianship, going viral across social media and racking up tons of views – over 1.5 million followers on TikTok! – with her covers and original music, including her hit single “Do It to Myself,” which garnered millions of streams.

Today (August 19), Nova debuted the ’60′s-style, choreography-filled retro video for her latest single “Mi Amor” ahead of her upcoming EP.

“I wanted this video to focus less on a relationship with an old love and more on lifting each other up, falling in love with yourself and having good people around you. While we were shooting, I had such an amazing, big female team – for example my manager, day to day manager, publicist, and director who gave me so much energy and made me feel so empowered.” Nova says of the clip.

“Confidence to me is accepting yourself unconditionally. Ot doesn’t matter how you look or what your going through, you’re still confident because you are your own ‘Mi Amor.’ Switch up your style, dance a little, laugh with your friends, and become your own ‘Mi Amor.’ Fall in love with yourself!”

Watch the music video for “Mi Amor” and check out Nova Miller’s 10 Fun Facts inside…

  • 1. I’m obsessed with instruments. Guitar is my native language. I also play piano, violin, some bass and recorder.
  • 2. I like to believe that zodiac signs are real, and I read my horoscope almost every day – BTW I’m a Leo (obvv.)
  • 3. My first language is actually Swedish. I grew up in Stockholm but moved to LA when I was 17.
  • 4. My favorite animals right now are tiny ducks, I’m considering getting one. I did a poll on twitter and 94% of my fans wanted me to get one as well hahahah. I just think they’re so cute??!
  • 5.I know this is an unpopular opinion but I loooove to run long distances!! It’s so good for my mental health, and it always makes me relaxed. Being physically active is something that has been important to me ever since I started dancing when I was 5.
  • 6.I love to do hair and makeup, both on myself and my friends! My makeup icon is Sharon Tate, and my hair icon is Brigitte Bardot. I love all things retro and nostalgic.
  • 7. One of my all-time favorite movies is Burlesque – I FREAKED out when it came out. Christina Aguilera and Cher in the same movie??! dream!! both of them are huge inspirations to me. I even recreated one of my favorite runs that Christina did in the movie on TikTok – ya girl loves a vocal challenge.
  • 8. I loooove to watch Rupaul’s Drag Race and I fall asleep to it almost every night. Fun fact: I got to meet Trixie Mattel when I was at the Billboard LGBTQ+ pride panel last year and it was the best moment ever.
  • 9. My fans and I have this joke, they call themselves “bobs” because one time I wrote bob instead of babe and it became a thing lol. I´m so proud that our little family has grown so much in the past year, I love talking and connecting to my Nova Nation on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc. every day.
  • 10. I have a 5 octave vocal range!! so prepare yourself for a lot of high belts and whistle notes in my EP that’s coming out soon.

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