‘Fleabag’ Star Andrew Scott Opens Up About Being Referred To As The ‘Hot Priest’

Andrew Scott reunites with Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Ben Aldrigde for the Choose Love pop-up shop in Covent Garden on Friday (December 13) in London, England.

The three Fleabag stars volunteered with the movement for Match Fund Day, in support of the movement, where you can buy real gifts for refugees.

In a recent interview with Chicago Tribune, Andrew opened up about being dubbed “hot priest” following the success of the series, and wants fans to know he’s not just that.

“It’s really important to remember that when we started talking about the script, even before the script was written, it was the character of ‘The Priest.’…If you’ve got a script that says ‘The Hot Priest,’ you’d say ‘OK, what’s required of me is pretty one-dimensional.’” he says.

Andrew adds, “It’s hilarious that it happened on the internet. But I suppose I feel protective of Phoebe in the sense that’s not something she ever aimed to create.”

“It’s an example of the power of the internet. And listen, there are worse things to be called. But I think it’s important to make that slight distinction [laughter] because Phoebe is a writer of great class and intelligence.

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