Farrah Abraham Claps Back at Animal Abuse Allegations for Dying Her Dogs Blue and Purple

The former ‘Teen Mom’ alum insists what she’s doing is within the ‘guidelines of the law’ after PETA calls her out for subjecting her ‘dogs to the stress of being dyed’ and ‘tying a ribbon around their mouth.’

AceShowbizFarrah Abraham has defended herself after being accused of animal abuse. The former reality TV star, who sparked backlash after she shared a video of her dogs, which fur is dyed blue and pink, with one of them having a red ribbon tied around her mouth, has fired back at the critics.

Claiming that “haters” made up the allegations, she tells The Sun, “Haters made up a ‘ribbon’ is on my pets, which is false.” According to her, the thing around the dog’s mouth is “a muzzle,” which is utilized “per a trainer’s review for her training” and “sold at all pet stores.” The 28-year-old claims that what she’s doing with her pets is following “guidelines of the law.”

Farrah additionally shares that her family has been receiving “death threats” over the video, and that the “harassment” is “unnecessary and awful.” She goes on insisting, “Sophia [Farrah’s daughter] treats [the dogs] as sister and brother… like royalty. We do have emotional support animals and they must be trained to the guidelines of the law.”

After Farrah posted the video in question on Tuesday, March 10, people freaked out as they got reminded about her daughter who was accused of killing their Pomeranian Blue in July 2018. Sophia detailed the incident at the time, “I was getting Blue to go outside and my only choice was to toss him outside. And then I did, but then he went into shock and 30 seconds later he passed with no heartbeat.”

People then slammed her on social media, with one saying, “This is animal cruelty. You shouldn’t be allowed to own pets. Makes me so upset to see this kind of treatment of dogs.” Another called her out, “Stop mistreating these poor animals! That ribbon around its mouth is not okay.” Someone else remarked, “This is animal abuse!!!”

Some others tagged animal rights organizations PETA and ASPCA. PETA later responded by saying in a statement, “Subjecting dogs to the stress of being dyed-which is also potentially toxic-and restricting their opportunities to eat, drink, and even breathe by tying a ribbon around their mouth are cruel acts that can have fatal consequences, and they show a profound lack of empathy.” It added, “PETA urges Farrah Abraham to start treating dogs like more than fashion accessories or surrender them to someone who will love them unconditionally.”

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