Fans Think Jay Cutler Is Already Hanging Out With Kristin Cavallari’s Ex-BFF!

The plot thickens!!

It hasn’t even been a week since Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler announced their split, and fans think he’s already moved on to his wife’s BFF!

Kelly Henderson, former friend of the Very Cavallari star, shared a pic to Instagram on Friday which fans say indicates that Jay has already cozied up to her over his estranged wife.

Take a look at the pic for yourself:

As you can see in the photo from the 37-year-old, the faceless man is wearing a beaded bracelet, similar to ones that Jay has frequently been seen sporting on social media (HERE) and in the reality series. Obviously, comments came flooding in on the pic assuming it was the former NFL player:

“I dont know whats worse, if its him or if you want us to think it is him but its really not ?”

“Def jay cutler. Look back at his Instagram it’s his bracelet”

“You knew exactly what posting this would do. So thirsty. 1. If it’s not him you knew people would think that 2. If it is him then it just shows everyone how desperate you are that you couldn’t find a man not mattied”

“100% jays arm / bracelet this is shady as hell!”

“This is in such poor taste. No matter who is in this photo….starving for attention here.”

Maybe this wouldn’t be as big of a deal if there hadn’t previously been rumors that Jay cheated on Kristin with Kelly, which ultimately led to their friendship falling apart. The former Laguna Beach star said to cameras at the time:

“It’s been really hard with Kelly just because she my girl that I would talk to about everything with. I almost feel like I’m grieving Kelly and that relationship, it’s a huge loss in my life.”

The Uncommon James founder also noted that she did not believe the rumor, but was upset that her former friend “never once” apologized to her.

Kelly has yet to respond to any of the comments, and it’s unclear whether she’ll choose to do so. Though it’s been cited that cheating is NOT the reason KC and JC are calling it quits, this definitely doesn’t look good…

What do U think, Perezcious readers?? Could this be Jay, or is it all a sheer coincidence? Let us know (below) in the comments

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