Emma Willis addresses vital move in family life with husband Matt ‘We decided it was time’

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The Voice host Emma Willis, 44, joined her husband Matt Willis, 37, and Matt Richardson, 29, on their When No One’s Watching podcast recently, in which the pair asked her to make three confessions about herself which may not be known to fans. As she spilled on her home life revelations, she admitted she was paranoid about safety and even urged Matt to get rid of his motorbike recently amid fears he could have a serious accident.

We decided it was time to not have that one more chance of death in our life

Matt Willis

Matt Richardson said he found the Busted star an “adventurous guy” which prompted the latter to reveal he had been driving around on a motorbike, up until recently.

The host then asked Emma if her spouse caused her “more stress than necessary” due to his “dangerous” antics.

“Not anymore,” Matt swiftly replied, as Emma joked, “Of course he does.”

Matt then explained: “I had to give my motorbike up recently.”


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His podcast co-host chimed in: “Well yeah, because they are death machines,” to which Emma agreed.

“And you have three children,” he added.

The singer went on to say: “Yeah we decided it was time to not have that one more chance of death in our life, so yeah we put the motorbike down.”

Matt then asked Emma what precautions she has had to take due to having a “dare devil” spouse.

She replied, laughing: “Well, I don’t let him do anything.

“I’ve taken everything he finds fun out of his life and made him immensely safe to be a husband and a father.”

“Everything that is fun kills you,” Emma’s husband went on to say.

There is a little bit of a chance of death with everything that is fun.”

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The Voice host went on to say she had been paranoid about safety ever since she became a mum.

She explained: “I am Mrs Health and Safety – I would rather be safe than sorry.

“I think I have become immensely paranoid about safety as I’ve got older and had kids.

“I think I’m a bit of a control freak, so there’s part of me that does enjoy it because I can go to bed knowing that my ticklist is completed.


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“But part of me would love not to come downstairs five times to check when I’ve already put the alarm on.”

The couple tied the knot in 2008 and share three children together; Isabelle, 11, Ace, eight, and four-year-old Trixie.

Emma met Matt while she worked as a presenter on MTV and he was a part of the boyband Busted.

The pair officially started dating in 2005 and got engaged two years later.

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