‘Dynasty’ Season 4 Premiere Episode Synopsis & Cast List!

Dynasty is back for it’s fourth season TONIGHT (May 7)!

The long awaited new season kicks off right where we left off in season three, with Fallon and Liam getting ready for their wedding.

If you missed the season three finale, Fallon’s bachelorette party got a little wild and was very reminiscent of The Hangover.

Click inside for the scoop on the season four premiere…

In the season four premiere, “That Unfortunate Dinner,” Fallon and Liam plan their wedding, with some unsolicited input from Alexis, which leaves Fallon questioning if Alexis could be right.

Alexis and Jeff have a photo shoot to announce their new “power couple” status. Dominique runs into hiccups with her new fashion line and turns to unexpected sources for help.

Meanwhile, Blake is determined to work on his relationship with Cristal and Culhane advises Sam on his current state of affairs.

Lastly, as Anders does some digging and is shocked by what he finds and Adam’s confession to Kirby is met with surprising results.

Tune in to Dynasty season four TONIGHT (May 7) at 9pm ET/PT on The CW!

Check out the complete cast list below…

Fallon Carrington – Elizabeth Gillies
Liam Ridley – Adam Huber
Alexis Carrington – Elaine Hendrix
Jeff Colby – Sam Adegoke
Dominique Deveraux – Michael Michele
Blake Carrington – Grant Show
Cristal Carrington – Daniella Alonso
Michael Culhane – Robert C Riley
Sam Jones – Rafael de la Fuente
Joseph Anders – Alan Dale
Adam Carrington – Sam Underwood
Kirby Anders – Maddison Brown

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