Duchess Kate’s ‘view is that Queen, country and family come first’

Over the past week, there was a subdued truce in the British media regarding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The first part of Harry and Meghan’s tour went well, with only a handful of minor grumbles. The icing on the cake was that everybody got new photos of Archie, so basically the press isn’t going to smear the hell out of Meghan for a little bit. But as soon as the media turns positive for the Sussexes, that means we have to be “reminded” that Kate is the Future Queen and She Did A Garden and She’s Regal Now. Yes, it’s a curious moment to embiggen Kate, but that’s where we are.

It seems Kate Middleton is more prepared than ever for her future role as Queen Consort, after friends claim she’s “reinvented her style” and believes “nothing is more important than Queen, country and family”. Once upon a time, public speaking would be “nerve wracking” for Kate, but now, according to friends, the Duchess has become more confident, stylish and self-assured.

According to You magazine, Kate has had a total style overhaul, ditching knee-length dresses and clutch bags for chic prints, on-trend mini bags and even a stylish new hairstyle. When Kate stepped out earlier this month to drop Princess Charlotte off for her first day of school, royal fans were in awe of how “amazing” she looked. One wrote: “There’s a woman who’s totally found herself. She looks great.” While another added: “That’s not a school run look. That’s a future Queen school run look.”

Becoming the future Queen Consort (a title given to the wife of a ruling king) seems to be of highest importance to Kate, with friends reporting that the Duchess has said there is nothing more important than “Queen, country and family”.

“Kate’s view is that Queen, country and family come first. She is very clear on her priorities and the values that guide how she lives and works,” said one pal. And while Kate once described public speaking as “nerve wracking”, she now delivers her words with confidence, speaking flawlessly about her causes, such as mental health and children’s development.

And the mum-of-three’s new attitude hasn’t gone unnoticed by palace staff, with a royal source claiming Kate always has time to listen to even the most junior members of the team. “Afterwards they’ll say, ‘Wow, she knows my name. She asked me what I thought’,” they said.

Kate’s “quiet transformation” could be in part thanks to her close relationship with her grandmother-in-law, the Queen. Earlier this year, the Duchess was made a Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order, which is the highest rank equivalent of a Knight. Kate and Her Maj are said to share a very close relationship, and the award is thought to highlight Kate’s important work as a member of the royal family.

[From The Sun]

The Embiggening Kate Project should have a lot more to work with other than “she got highlights” and “she’s wearing longer skirts now” and “she asks peasants what they think in meetings.” But this is where we are. As I said before, I actually don’t mind that Kate and William weren’t trying to hijack headlines during the Sussexes’ tour. I have expected a major announcement from Team Cambridge just as those Archie photos came out. But why would they actually DO anything when the British press is so friggin’ eager to embiggen them over nothing?

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