Donald Trump Debuts Drastic Hair Makeover: See Rare Pics Of His Hair Combed Back

When it comes to his hair, Donald Trump’s blond combover is as iconic as his self-tanned skin. But the president decided to slick his locks back for a surprise church visit.

Mr. President, is that you? Donald Trump, 72, is known for his trademark blond combover, among other things. So it was a surprise when, during a June 2 appearance at a Virginia church, he took to the stage with his hair slicked back. The president stood with his baseball cap in hand next to Pastor David Platt of McLean Bible Church in Vienna, Virginia. Trump closed his eyes and looked downward as the clergyman prayed for him.

The stop was impromptu. POTUS visited the church straight from a golf course to pray for the victims of the Virginia Beach mass shooting, which tragically occurred at a municipal building on May 31. But Twitter was focused on Trump’s hair and erupted with comments from fans and trolls alike who couldn’t believe the presidential makeover.

“WTF did you do with your hair, @realDonaldTrump?” one person tweeted. “It almost looks normal.” “Dude. What’s up with the hair?” someone else tweeted. Yet another person fully approved, writing, “He had his first good hair day today!” Others compared him to Michael Douglas in the 1987 classic movie, Wall Street. “I like the new Gordon Gekko haircut he’s sporting!” a Twitter user wrote in reference to the iconic character.

If people were hoping that Trump had changed his hair for good they were to be quickly disappointed as, by the time POTUS arrived in London on June 3, his blond locks were back to normal – combed over. Trump and his family are in the U.K. for an official, three-day state visit. The president and First Lady Melania Trump, 49, dressed up to meet the Queen, 93, at Buckingham Palace before heading over to Prince Charles’ home, Clarence House, to have tea with the future king and his wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Before leaving Buckingham Palace, Trump and Prince Charles, 70, inspected the Guard of Honor. The Trumps’ busy first day of their trip will end with a glamorous State Banquet at the Queen’s home.

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