Distortedd Addresses Relationship With Lil Uzi Vert After He and JT Split Over His Tweet About Her

In a short clip posted on social media, the artist calls the ‘You Was Right’ emcee her ‘homie’ as she claims that she has received backlash for allegedly causing the pair’s breakup.

AceShowbizDistortedd has set things straight about her relationship with Lil Uzi Vert after she brought up his old tweet about her. Seemingly trying to avoid getting dragged further into the drama over Uzi and JT‘s breakup, she denied that she ever had a special relationship with the rapper.

Distortedd took to her social media account on Monday, April 4 to offer a clarification. In a short clip, she called Uzi her “homie.” She said, “Uzi is my homie. It’s not even like that.” Apparently having received some hateful comments, the illustrator added, “It’s crazy that you all eating me up in the comments. Wild. It’s real wild,” before stressing, “It’s not like that.”

Distortedd was forced to clarify her relationship with Uzi after his old text about her allegedly caused his split from JT. In his tweet from 2015, Baby Pluto wrote, “If you was meth I would Do it all day long @distortedd_” The artist recently reposted the tweet.

Seemingly mad, JT reportedly responded on Twitter, “idgaf if it was 2012 he said it was fake instead of old.” She cryptically added, “& since he want to run to the internet about it here y’all go!!!!”

Uzi, whose real name is Symere Bysil Woods, later ranted on Twitter. “Jt broke up with me over this dumb a** s**t,” he penned alongside a walking-man emoji. “I don’t even do nothin FML.”

Prior to that, Uzi tweeted, “I don’t understand why y’all keep tryin f**k my lil life I got going on up…damn what i do ?”

Uzi previously sparked breakup rumors with JT in August 2021. Fans believed that they were no longer together after the “20 Min” spitter and his girlfriend were caught unfollowing one another on Instagram.

However, Uzi proved that their romance remained strong in December that year. When celebrating JT’s 29th birthday, he surprised her with a 2022 McLaren. Excited by the gift, the female rapper showed off the expensive gift on her Instagram Story.

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