Disney Options Rights to the Book ‘The Thief’ For New Disney+ Movie Adaptation!

Disney is working on a film adaptation of the book “The Thief” by Megan Whalen Turner!

THR reports that the studio has picked up the rights to the YA fantasy book, and is in the early development stage for Disney+.

The book “tells the story of the charismatic young man known as Gen, also known as Eugenides the thief. The boy is released from a prison by a king’s magus who then coerces him into a quest for a legendary object. The ensuing adventure then thrusts Gen into the centre of political machinations, deception, and danger.”

“The Thief” is actually the first in “The Queen’s Thief” series, which spans across six books.

Brian Duffield, who wrote Dylan O’Brien’s recent movie Love and Monsters, is working on the script with Jim Whitaker.

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