Dan Walker: BBC Breakfast host divides viewers with lockdown hairdo ‘Goodness sake’

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Dan Walker, 43, shared a photo of his lockdown locks as his hair appeared decidedly longer than usual, which left some fans joking that he could be wearing a “wig” onscreen. The BBC Breakfast host admitted that his hair had grown rather wild as hairdressers around the country remained closed after the UK government ordered a third lockdown to slow the spread of coronavirus back in January this year.

Dan typed in view of his 674,000 Twitter followers: “Lockdown 3,” alongside a snap of his overgrown hair.

The star had attempted to style his locks in a similar style to his usual gelled look for his morning TV appearance.

Unfortunately, one of his fans pointed out that he had begun to resemble “Dennis The Menace”, in a hilarious reference to the animated character’s wild hair-do.

They typed: “For goodness sake, as if you didn’t look young enough already, now you’ve got Dennis the menace hair! Should we expect short trousers, scuffed knees & a red & black striped jumper tomorrow morning?”

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A second questioned: “Are you from Wig-on?”

While a third asked: “Seriously can you not have it done with your makeup at the BBC? Or are the hairdressers not allowed to work?”

Addressing the user’s comment, Dan responded: “We’ve been doing our own makeup since last March fella.”

However, others said they were grateful for Dan being able to laugh at himself during what has been a tough time for many.

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