‘Cost me a few quid’ Paddy McGuinness left ‘stressed’ as daughter damages stranger’s car

Paddy McGuinness details 'stressful' Friday morning

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Paddy McGuinness, 48, has opened up about his Friday morning with his Twitter followers today. The Top Gear presenter shared how this included his daughter, four, accidentally damaging a stranger’s car on the nursery run.

Taking to the social media site, Paddy shared a video update with his 538,000 fans.

Using the hashtag “Friday Feeling”, the presenter shared how his morning had not gone to plan.

The star began: “Hello there, good morning to you. It’s Friday and as well we all know it’s a top one on a Friday.

“Everyone always uses that hashtag, hashtag Friday Feeling. Everyone’s positive on a Friday.

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“Well let me talk you through my Friday morning.”

The Take Me Out star shared how it began to go wrong when he found his cat had pooed in his bathtub.

Then things only got worse when he went on the nursery run.

Paddy shared how he’d been running late so had grabbed toast on his way out, which he ended up giving to his daughter.

He continued: “So I make a bit of toast, eat it in the car, eat it on the go.

“My daughter says, ‘Daddy, can I have that toast?’ ‘Of course, you can.’

“So that’s that, breakfast out of the window.”

However, it was when they arrived at the nursery that things really went pear-shaped for the star.

“Get to the nursery, she flings the back door open straight into another car,” he recalled.

Paddy shared a picture of the damage the young girl accidentally did to a red car.

“Let me tell you, that’s not buffing out, that’s a new wing.”

Paddy laughed the moment off as he added: “That will cost me a few quid.”

“So no breakfast, cleaning cat s*** out of a bath and got a bill to replace the wing of a car, that’s all before 10 o’clock.”

Paddy revealed the whole stress of the morning even led to some red sections on his face flaring up.

The presenter was inundated with support from his followers as many sympathised with his situation.

One penned: “And I thought my day was bad – if it’s any consolation I feel better now so Thankyou ( every silver lining has a cloud) x.”

Another added: “Omg this made me howl!!! I’ve not got the #fridayfeeling either but I’ve nothing to complain about compared to your Friday so far!

“Hope the rest of the day goes a bit better for you.”

A third wrote: “Well, that’s yer three Paddy – the day can only get better. Chin up lad.”(sic)

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