Chrishell Stause’s Interview About Keo Motsepe Couldn’t Be Cuter

Warning: Extremely gushy content ahead. Chrishell Stause’s interview about Keo Motsepe during her Dec. 7 appearance on Nick Viall’s podcast The Viall Files, is straight-up adorable. "He’s the best," Stause told Viall of her new Dancing With The Stars pro boyfriend. "I’m so blushing right now. I think it’s OK that I say that he pursued that."

ICYMI: Stause and Motsepe’s relationship went public when they became Instagram Official on Dec. 2. According to Stause, they were already exclusive at that point. "I think before anything is exclusive, you don’t want to share it with anybody because you’re trying to figure things out," she explained to Viall. "But soon after we made it official, we went ahead and shared it. I will say, the response was so lovely."

Oh, also, she didn’t just go on The Viall Files to amp up the buzz about her new romance. "The timing of it, I was like, ‘Oh, I’m uncomfortable,’" she admitted. "I just want to be careful of what I say because obviously I’m excited and everything, but, you know, you don’t want to squash something by talking about it." She added, "I’ve always kind of been a hopeless romantic. It’s already hard enough as it is when, you know, something is promising. So I just don’t want to add any more pressure to it than it is."


Stause and Viall also discussed the toll the romance rumors surrounding her and partner Gleb Savchenko amid his divorce (which she’s since denied) took on her relationship with Motsepe.

"When all the drama was going on publicly about your dancing partner [Gleb], were you two — you and your now-boyfriend [Motsepe] — starting the courtship at that time?" Viall asked. "And then would you find it to be, almost like you weren’t ready to announce it, but kind of like, ‘Oh my god, of course. The irony behind nothing’s going on behind door number two, but little do you guys know about door number three.’"

"Yeah, of course, that was so stressful at the time," she responded. "I feel like you can only say so much. [Gleb and I] both said that’s definitely not true, and I kind of knew in the back of my head that time will prove this; I just have to know that. So it’s nice now to kind of feel like the truth has kind of come out."

Happy she finally gets to live her truth!

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