Chris Lopez: Kailyn Lowry Is Always Playing the Victim!

On this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, we learned a little bit more about the relationship between Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez.

Specifically, we learned about the lengths Kail was willing to go to in order to make it easier for Chris to be a part of his child’s life.

The episode was filmed before Kailyn welcomed a second child with Chris.

And one scene served as a reminder of why everyone was so shocked when she announced she’d gotten knocked up by him again.

In it, we see Kail griping to her friend Sterling about her decision to move closer to where Lopez lives.

“I’m going to look at a house in Dover,” she said.

“I’m really excited, and I have a good feeling about it, and if I could just, like, work it out and make it happen.”

The move came after Kail grew tired of waiting for Chris to come around and decide to start being a dad.

“I f–ked up, like that’s the bottom line, I f–ked up by moving,” she told Sterling.

“I made that mistake and now I need to correct it because I don’t need to be driving back and forth 35 minutes to make it easier for someone who’s not contributing to our household.”

Chris still isn’t contributing to Kail’s household, and it seems he’s no more present for his second son than he was for his first.

So there’s a good chance the scene brought up some unpleasant memories for Lopez.

And there’s a very good chance that he had Kail in mind when he posted about peple “playing the victim card” while the episode aired.

“People these days wanna hide from the truth, drown in their own problems and play the victim card,” reads a quote Chris shared to his Instagram Story on Tuesday.

“Don’t get addicted to the escape. On the other side of hell is paradise. Keep going.”

If Chris had Kail in mind, it seems he’s accusing her not only of complaining too much, but also of giving up on him too easily.

If she had only kept giving him second chances, he seems to be saying, she would have been rewarded eventually.

We’re guessing Kail hasn’t had many second thoughts about her decision to move away from Chris.

Her most recent posts about her ex suggested that Lopez made her depressed and caused her to question who she was.

Doesn’t sound like the sort of relationship she’ll be fondly reflecting on a year from now.

Of course, the real victims in all of this are Lux and Creed, Kail’s two sons by Chris.

Lowry seems baffled by Lopez’s unwillingness to take part in his son’s lives, which is probably why she was so reluctant to write him off and move to Dover.

But as Sterling poignantly reminded her during their conversation — you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

And Kail learned the hard way that Chris is one hell of a stubborn horse.

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