Chris Evans sparks concern from wife after she finds him ‘sobbing for 10 minutes’ at home

Chris Evans discusses film that made him 'sob for ten minutes'

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Virgin Radio host Chris Evans, 55, has opened up about the moment his wife Natasha Shishmanian, 38, found him “sobbing for 10 minutes” after watching an emotional film at home. Speaking to his colleagues, the radio DJ revealed that he was heartbroken after watching the emotional film Nowhere Special, which stars James Norton and tells an emotional story of a father and son.

I’d been sobbing for 10 minutes, sobbing, genuinely, sobbing for 10 minutes

Chris Evans

Speaking about the emotional moment, the father-of-three revealed how he pleaded with his wife to watch the film.

Relaying the incident, Chris said: “Tash came upstairs, she said, ‘Babe, what’s the matter?’

“I’d been sobbing for 10 minutes, sobbing, genuinely, sobbing for 10 minutes,” he emphasised.

Revealing his wife’s concern for him to his co-hosts, Chris added: “She said, ‘Are you okay?’

“I said, ‘Babe, this film is the most beautiful film I’ve ever seen, please watch it.”

However, despite his emotional plea, Chris’ wife said that she couldn’t face the tear-jerker after seeing the effect it had on her husband.

“She said, I can’t if it’s doing this to you, I can’t watch it,” Chris disclosed.

Nevertheless, the star revealed that he had been given a warning by his Virgin colleague Rachel Horne, which he didn’t take as seriously as he should have.

“Now you’d already given me a head-up to do with this film hadn’t you Rachel?” he asked her.

“I had, I warned you,” she replied.

Acknowledging the warning, Chris said: “I know and I wasn’t really ready for it to be honest, but it is a beautiful, beautiful film.”

The presenters went on to speak to leading actor James Norton, who plays John in new release Nowhere Special.

The film tells the story of a 35-year-old window cleaner who has spent his life raising his son on his own.

However, after learning that he has months left to live, the dedicated father goes on the search for the perfect replacement family.

Last month, the DJ told his co-hosts that he was worried about what his lounge would look like after his wife renovated the room.

Chatting to his co-stars Rachel and Vassos Alexander, Chris explained Tash’s love for plants.

“She’s now moved all the plants from all of downstairs into the living room and she’s now said, ‘That’s the look,'” he laughed.

Rachel referred to the vibe she was going for as a “jungle”, as he continued: “So they’re all staying in there.”

Admitting that he “didn’t get the plant thing”, Chris told his wife to decorate the room in any way she wanted.

Chris exclaimed: “Fill your boots sweetheart! Have as many plants as you like!”

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