Chantelle Connelly reveals she ‘almost died’ while giving birth to first child

Chantelle Connelly has revealed how she 'almost died' while giving birth to her newborn son Ricardo.

The Geordie Shore alum, 29, welcomed her first child by emergency C-section earlier this week.

After she was given an epidural her blood pressure dropped to around 60 and she started slipping into cardiac arrest, she said.

Chantelle called the birth an "absolute nightmare" as she revealed that birth her and the baby's lives were in danger.

She told The Sun: "The doctors all came running in and flushed my system to get the epidural out, I perked up a bit but then the baby's heartbeat was dead low and they needed to get him out straight away."

The reality TV star was rushed to theatre where she was put to sleep and her son started "deteriorating".

Chantelle, who is still in hospital, added: "It was an emergency to get the baby out because he was deteriorating, it was just an absolute nightmare."

Her mum Allison announced the news on Instagram at 8am on Tuesday, telling fans her daughter had had to be "put to sleep".

"My beautiful grandson born 6 minutes past 6. Weighs 6lb 6oz," she wrote.

"Chantelle doesn't know he's here yet had an emergency section she is still in theatre.

"They had to put her to sleep. She will wake up to this beautiful little bundle."

Back in September Chantelle, 29, revealed she was pregnant after a whirlwind romance with boyfriend Lee Blackburn.

However, she was mercilessly trolled a month later when cruel commenters accused her of lying about her pregnancy because of her toned figure.

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