Celebs who’ve used dating apps

Celebrities want to find love too! Join Wonderwall.com as we take a look at the stars who’ve used dating apps to find romance… starting with Demi Lovato. In Harper’s Bazaar’s May 2020 issue, the “OK Not to Be OK” singer said that she seems to have been blocked from Raya after deleting her old account. “I just deleted it out of respect to the person I was with, then we broke up and I went to get back on. And I was like, ‘You know what? It’s fine. I don’t need to be on this because I think I’m supposed to be alone right now.” Keep reading for more…

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Despite previously claiming that she wasn’t looking for a new romance, Drew Barrymore had a change of heart in early 2021. The reason behind this sudden interest in dating? None other than “Bridgerton,” Shonda Rhimes’ steamy series that’s streaming on Netflix. “I got back on a dating app during ‘Bridgerton,'” she told the show’s stars, Phoebe Dynevor and Regé-Jean Page. “I was like, ‘I’m not dead! I’m not dead! For me, that was a big step.”

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Lizzo is another celebrity who is no stranger to dating apps — she even tried to match with a fellow A-list musician! While on “Busy Tonight,” the “Like A Girl” singer dished about her personal life. “I’ve done Raya. I tried to match with John Mayer — it didn’t work.” According to the “Juice” hitmaker, her decision to give the apps a try was influenced by one of her dancers. “My dancer wanted to have a [promiscuous] phase, so I decided to join with her, and I went on one of the, you know, lower-echelon dating apps,” she explained. “No shade, but you don’t have to get confirmed… So I hopped on it … for like a week and it was really fun.”

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Since the release of Hulu’s “Normal People” in April 2020, fans have swooned over its star, Paul Mescal. According to a report from The Sun, the actor was on Raya. “He knows he would be recognised instantly on regular dating apps, so has turned to Raya because it’s more exclusive and discreet,” a source told the outlet. “He had to be invited onto it by one of his new celebrity pals, and then apply, before he was allowed to set up an account. But there are lots of beautiful people on there for him.” He might not be using it, though: He was linked to singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers later the same year.

In January 2021 while chatting with Andy Cohen on “Andy Cohen Live,” Chrissy Metz revealed that she’d joined Bumble — which is where she met her current boyfriend, Bradley Collins. Early into the coronavirus pandemic, the “This Is Us” star made the decision to quarantine in Nashville, and after feeling “kind of bored,” she downloaded the app. “I love the idea that like, the woman gets to take the first step,” she said. “I think that’s so cool, I love that. And yeah, I mean, of course you got to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince.” She continued, “Bradley and I have all the same friends, he knows all the same songwriters, he’s [been] in music publishing for 16 years. And so we’ve been in the same rooms, but we had never met. So I was like, well, I feel it, you know, it was meant to be for sure.”

During his interview with “This Is Us” actress Chrissy Metz, Andy Cohen also admitted that he’s on Tinder but doesn’t actively use it. “I’m on Tinder. I never check it, but I’m on Tinder,” he said. The “Andy Cohen Live” host added that he’s “been kicked off Tinder for people saying I was impersonating me.”

While on “The Tonight Show” in 2018, “Like a Boss” actress Tiffany Haddish delved into her online dating history — but don’t expect her to look to the apps for a long-lasting connection. “Online dating — man, I don’t like it, because I feel like that’s where I meet a lot of creeps,” she said. “Dudes that have a really nice picture and you’re like, ‘Oh, I can’t want to meet him,’ and then you go to the Starbucks to meet him and you’re like, ‘Oh my God, he is a booger wolf….’ His breath smells like he’s been eating eggs for days. His beard is ashy! He got an ashy beard.” However, Bumble seems to have, in part, helped her romantically! In April 2020, the “Girls Trip” actress went on her first virtual date with her now-boyfriend, rapper Common, on Bumble (of course they both were official partners of the dating app). Tiffany then confirmed their romance in July 2020.

Since the release of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” in 2018, Noah Centineo has established himself as a total Hollywood heartthrob. While he was once active on dating apps, he’s since deactivated his accounts. “I think when I was younger, I tried the gauntlet of [dating apps]. And then, I just don’t use them anymore,” he told “Entertainment Tonight” in late 2018. “I used Raya for a little while, but I deactivated it.” He went on, “It’s just for me, I’d rather meet people doing things that I enjoy doing, because then we already have similarities between us.”

In March 2020, Keke Palmer told Harper’s Bazaar that despite having used Raya in the past, she’d rather date outside of the entertainment industry. “I’ve always had the same philosophy when it comes to dating,” she explained. “Not that I wouldn’t give someone a try. But trying to keep my private life outside of my work life, to me, it’s easiest when you don’t date someone with the same career.”

Prior to meeting ex-boyfriend Jacob Busch, Rebel Wilson told People magazine that she’d tried using Raya in the past. “I’ve been on it a few years, but I’m only active for a week or two,” she said. “When you’re seeing somebody, you’re not on it. It’s only for the times in between when you’re very much single. And just looking for who’s out there. But I think it’s a really good tool and a lot of the ‘Pitch Perfect’ girls are on it, and a lot of my girlfriends in the industry are on it.”

During the “Gossip Girl” era, everyone wished they could date Nate Archibald! Chace Crawford, who now stars on “The Boys,” revealed to Now Magazine that he’s had “a bunch of different accounts that nobody even knows about” to help him find romance. In 2019, he split from actress Rebecca Rittenhouse after three years of dating.

Although he’s off the market, Zac Efron once tried using Tinder to find love! In 2016, the actor, who’s been in a relationship with Aussie Vanessa Valladares since 2020, told The Times that he tried to get on the dating app but never got any matches! “Amazingly, when I signed up for Tinder, nobody swiped me! They thought [my profile] was fake.”

In 2018 while chatting with “Access,” Laverne Cox revealed that she met her ex-boyfriend (whom she dated for eight months) on Tinder. “Honestly, I’m a Tinder girl,” admitted the “Promising Young Woman” actress. “When I broke up with my ex, I went back on Tinder, because I feel like if you want to date, you have to be on the apps. You have to be on the apps to be in the game.”

“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” star Kiernan Shipka is a major advocate for one dating app in particular: Raya. She told Stylist in 2020, “Raya for life. Love it. God bless Raya.” In recent years, the actress has been linked to filmmaker Christian Coppola and actor Charlie Oldman.

In 2014, Sam Smith told Metro what he thought about Tinder — namely that he feels it’s negatively impacted dating. “No offense to people who go on Tinder, but I just feel like it’s ruining romance, I really do,” he admitted. “We’re losing the art of conversation and being able to go and speak to people, and you’re swiping people.” The “Diamonds” singer has, however, tried using Hinge in the past. “They chucked me off of it after one night ’cause they thought I was a catfish pretending to be me.”

In Amy Schumer’s book “The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo,” she revealed that she met ex-boyfriend Ben Hanisch — from whom she split in 2017 after two years of dating — on a “private social network aimed at creative people.” While she didn’t explicitly name the app, we’re willing to bet it was Raya! Amy found long-lasting love with chef Chris Fischer — whom she met through her assistant (he’s her brother!) — in 2018. They now have a son, Gene.

While chatting with Cosmopolitan in 2015, Hannibal Buress shared that he’s previously used Tinder. “I’ve used Tinder, but I have never met anybody from it. I’ll match with people, and then they’ll reference my character from ‘Broad City,’ and then that feels weird,” he admitted. “They’ll be like, ‘Is this really Lincoln?’ And I’m like, ‘That’s not my real name. You see my name, it’s on the profile.’ So I’ve been on it, but I just haven’t met anybody from it.”

In the March 2020 issue of Cosmopolitan, Lucy Hale revealed that she’s no stranger to dating apps. She even ran into a familiar face — one who Lizzo tried to swipe with too: John Mayer! “I pressed yes for him, but I don’t think he pressed yes for me,” said the “Pretty Little Liars” actress.

Although she’s now happily married to record producer Matthew Koma, Hilary Duff previously tried using Tinder to find romance.In 2015 while chatting with Ryan Seacrest, she revealed that she had the app — which was also briefly featured in the music video for her single “Sparks.”

When you have no luck finding love on a long-running reality series, hit the dating apps! In February 2020, former “The Bachelorette” star Hannah Brown shared that Raya had not yet approved her request to join the elite dating app. “You guys, I don’t know if you know this, but I was the Bachelorette and I can’t get on Raya!” she shared, while her friend Elyse, who is a pastor, laughed next to her. “I’ve been on the waiting list for months now… She’s a pastor, she got on Raya. I’m done — Christian Mingle, here I come.”

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