Celebrate Reese Witherspoon's Birthday with Photos of All the Times She's Twinned with Her Kids

When They Were ‘Ski Bunnies’

The mother-daughter pair enjoyed a weekend ski trip together and captured a twinning selfie.

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When Reese & Ava Rocked a Red Lip

The mother-daughter duo got into the festive spirit with a classic red lip paired with black ensembles ahead of their Christmas celebrations. 

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When Ava & Deacon Supported Their Mom

The twinning trio were all smiles at The Hollywood Reporter‘s Women in Entertainment Power 100, where the Big Little Lies actress was honored with the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award in December 2019. 

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When They Chose Similar Looks, Again

They’re doing this on purpose, right?

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When Reese and Ava Hit Paris

Nice try attempting to go incognito, ladies.

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When Reese Wished Deacon a Happy 15th Birthday

He may be taller than her now, but he still has her face.

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When Their LBDs Were LMBDs

That’s “little matching black dresses.”

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When Mom and Daughter Rocked Complementary Minis

Complementary red carpet poses, too.

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When Reese and Ava Celebrated Christmas

The ladies in red were shining just as bright as their Christmas tree.

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When Reese and Ava Got Glam for Dinner

Oh, you know, just your typical Monday night at the Molly R. Stern X Sarah Chloe Jewelry Collaboration Launch Dinner.

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When They Attended the WSJ. Magazine Innovator Awards

There was no shortage of look-alike mother-daughter pics at the ceremony.

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When Ava Celebrated Reese’s Big Emmys Win

The Big Little Lies star’s shiny award is the only thing that’s setting this mother-daughter duo apart.

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When They Gave Their Fiercest Poses

We literally can’t tell these blonde bombshells apart.

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When They Hit the Beach at Golden Hour

So genetically #blessed.

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When They Made Us Do an Actual Double-Take at a Draper James Event

Seriously, can you actually tell who is who? A gingham-clad Ava joined her mom to celebrate Witherspoon’s Draper James Net-a-Porter collaboration, and we were convinced we were seeing into the future — or the past. Hard to tell.

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When Reese and Deacon Went on a Hiking Trip

When we saw this selfie from Witherspoon’s Instragram of herself and her son, our first thought was, “How did we miss this new Snapchat filter where you can pose with a younger version of yourself?!”

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When Reese Attended the Hot Pursuit Premiere With Ava

The only difference between Witherspoon and her teen daughter is their dresses and hair color.

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When Reese and Deacon Had the Exact Same Smile 

We would be creeped out if it weren’t the cutest thing we’d ever seen.

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When Everyone in the Squad Was a Clone of Each Other

Receiving the 29th American Cinematheque Award in 2015, Witherspoon brought her two oldest children as her dates – and the resemblance is unreal.

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When Reese and Deacon Had the Exact Same Southern Sensibility

At the tender age of 13, Deacon was already taking cues from his mother’s garden-party-chic style, as demonstrated at his elementary school graduation.

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When Ava and Reese Looked So Much Alike We Had No Words


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When She Celebrated Her Birthday With Both of Them 

“There’s nothing better than celebrating my birthday with my wonderful kids! #ProudMom,” she captioned a photo of the three toasting her 41st on March 22, 2017.

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