Caroline Flack reveals ‘one time’ fetish fling in intimate sex confession

The Love Island host has never been one to shy away from sharing her personal life, and she revealed a lot of information in her latest confession.

Sharing her weird and wonderful habits, Caroline Flack fell into the trap of oversharing with her followers.

Allowing them to ask her a series of questions in the Q&A section of Instagram, it seemed she had a mystery rendezvous – and their meeting got very heated.

Although there was no indication as to who it was, the person wrote to Caroline: “Can I suck your toes again?”

“Can I suck your toes again?”

Caroline Flack

The host simply responded: “That was a one time thing.”

However, it’s unclear whether this is a man Flackers is currently seeing or was dating in the past – but their romance was definitely intimate.

Perhaps Flackers is just pulling our leg, or more fittingly, toe?

The comment comes shortly after Caroline admitted she enjoys having her toes sucked in yet another Q&A.

It seems the babe is very into the unusual fetish – and her fans appear to be loving her honesty.

Following her initial admission, she was then quizzed on her love life, refusing to tell her fans whether she was dating or not.

However, in a tell-all chat with Cosmopolitan, she admitted she’s single – but is dating again.

She told the publication: “I’m getting back on the horse. I’ve been dating and really enjoying it.

“I’ve decided to give people a chance, go and date and have some fun with it.

“There doesn’t always have to be an end goal.”

However, the babe is reportedly planning to avoid spilling the details of her love life on Instagram.

Although judging by her latest comment, that doesn’t include detailing her romps…

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