Carol Kirkwood: BBC weather star’s secret on-air ‘kisses’ to ‘irresistible’ host uncovered

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Carol Kirkwood, 58, and Bill Turnbull, 64, previously worked alongside each other on BBC Breakfast before the latter exited the news programme in 2016. The long-term pals spoke candidly about a cheeky moment backstage when he revealed that she had a tendency to blow him kisses while he was on-air.

As the pair chatted about their time working together, the forecaster and Classic FM DJ took a trip down memory lane.

Speaking on Bill’s Paws and Claws podcast, he quizzed: “You’ve been working on BBC Breakfast for how long?”

Carol mused: “Oh, about 23 years now, almost 24 actually.”

A stunned Bill replied: “No, really? That long?”

He then recalled a “memorable” moment between the pair as Carol jokingly branded her former co-star “irresistible”.

“I first worked with you on News 24 which is now the BBC News Channel back in 1998, so just over 20 years ago,” Bill explained.

“It was memorable because you were the only weather forecaster who I worked with at that time, or since actually, that while I was trying to read the news was blowing kisses at me from the side of the step.”

Carol giggled: “Billy you’re irresistible. I’m only human at the end of the day. I used to love working with you.”

But the podcast host wasn’t convinced he was the only person the veteran weather forecaster joked around with.

Bill interjected: “I bet you did that with everybody?”

Carol jokingly commented: “Yes,” before adding: “Of course I didn’t. You were special.”

She went on: “It was always such good fun and you were a wee rascal because you always had a twinkle in your eye.


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“You never knew what you were going to ask. And it was always some humdinger and you would catch me out somewhere.”

The meteorologist added: “But it was such a joy working with you. I loved it. I really do still miss you.”

Bill and Carol have developed a strong friendship since working on BBC Breakfast together for over a decade.

The former BBC Breakfast host announced his departure from the show in 2015 after 15 years on the programme, and presented his last episode alongside Louise Minchin in 2016.

At the time of his exit, Bill explained: “It was a long-term decision. I could see this coming up, and it was always the plan.”

Elsewhere, Carol congratulated her former BBC co-star who announced their departure from the broadcaster earlier this year.

Taking to Twitter, Susannah Streeter tweeted: “Career news alert. After 15 years covering business news for the BBC, I am delighted to be joining Hargreaves Lansdown as a senior investment and markets analyst. I’ll be based in Bristol but I’ll be commenting on financial and economic developments all over the world.”

Carol replied: “Congratulations.”

BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC One at 6am.

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