Cam’Ron Details Why He ‘Dissed’ Kanye West

Denying that he dissed the ‘Jesus Is King’ rapper, Cam tells in a new interview that he was simply stating facts about the husband of Kim Kardashian on Diplomats’ album.

AceShowbizCam’Ron is opening up about a lot of things in his highly-anticipated interview with Elliot Wilson and B. Dot on RapRadar. The rapper dished out on many things, from rapping with Big L to his diss tracks against Kanye West.

When asked about why he was going so hard on the “Gold Digger” hitmaker on Diplomats‘ album, Cam’Ron explained, “I just be saying what happened and people are like, ‘he dissed him.’ I never dissed nobody. I’ve never dissed these people.”

He went on saying that he was simply stating the facts. “I just really be stating what happened and because you state what happened, people are like, ‘You dissed him. You went hard on him.’ Or whatever. But, I don’t know what I said,” he shared.

When B. Dot pointed out that Cam said that he called the husband of Kim Kardashian “Uncle Tom,” Cam responded, “I don’t remember. I’m not saying I didn’t but I’m just sayin’.”

“Kanye’s my man. I got love for Kanye, too. I remember something happened and Dame was saying like, ‘Nah, he does this ’cause he bipolar.’ And I’m like, ‘Yo what you talkin’ ’bout? We knew Kanye for mad years and now he’s bi-polar.’… I’m not saying he’s not, I just never knew this. So I kind of wrote about that in that verse,” he explained.

“I’m pretty sure whatever I said was some facts that was goin’ on. I remember the bipolar part because Dame told me that s**t and he was kind of trying to make an excuse for some shit. I don’t remember what it was,” Cam added. “Anything, like, the people I know, and I don’t feel like they did the right thing or didn’t do something right, I just state what happened. I guess it still could be dissing if you want to call it dissing.”

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