BTS’ Tweets For Suga’s 28th Birthday Highlight His Cute & Funny Sides

BTS is celebrating a very special occasion this week: Suga’s birthday! He’s turning 28 on Tuesday, March 9, but because Korea is 14 hours ahead of the United States, the rest of the group is already paying tribute to him on social media. You need to see BTS’ tweets for Suga’s 28th birthday because they show how much the members love him.

Every time it’s someone’s birthday in BTS, the guys go all out for the occasion, and this time was no different. They flooded their shared Twitter account with the cutest pictures and videos of Suga fans have never seen before. Jin, who also just turned 28 in December, was the first to post about Suga. "Yoongi-yah I’m the first to wish you a happy birthday, happy birthday," he tweeted, alongside a sweet picture of the birthday boy.

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