Brooks Laich Makes Some VERY Interesting Comments About His Sex Life Amid Julianne Hough Drama

Brooks Laich is once again being SUPER candid about his sex life. The question is, does it reveal anything about his split from Julianne Hough?

In the past, Laich has been refreshingly honest about his thoughts on sexuality and intimacy, particularly via his podcast How Men Think. On the most recent episode, the former NHL athlete confessed to country singer Tyler Rich that he hasn’t always done the best job prioritizing sex in relationships.

He explained: 

“I think sexuality is something that gets pushed down on the priority list, on the totem pole for people. They’re, like, work, kids, job, whatever. Gotta clean the house, get the groceries. … It’s something that people — at least in my experience — I have, like, pushed down vs holding it up at the top, almost like living, eating, breathing.”

Back in 2019, the hockey player shared with followers that one of his New Year’s resolutions was to “learn more about intimacy and sexuality.” We applauded such an evolved goal; but unfortunately, his resolutions list did not take into account a global pandemic. (Who would’ve thought!) Laich and Hough ended up quarantining separately before their split, and he admitted to having a low sex drive in isolation. 

In the present, the 37-year-old gave advice to couples struggling with sexy times: 

“I think at some point you just have to realize, OK, our connection has dissipated a little bit. Let’s intentionally move back into this space and even if we aren’t feeling it, let’s create — even if it’s not just naturally a pull, like, ‘oh my God, we’re all over each other’ — let’s create an atmosphere or environment or something where we are making time to be intentional about this and that can spark the natural pull too.”

A sort of fake it ’til you make it approach? Do YOU agree with that, longterm couples??

Considering Brooks just spent the weekend poolside with his estranged ex for her birthday, we find this commentary very interesting indeed. Could the birthday bash have been the perfect opportunity to rekindle the spark? Back in the day, Laich would rave about getting “f**king fired up” seeing his wife in lingerie and, uh, sucking on her toes. So we know that spark definitely existed at one point. 

Plus, word on the street is that the DWTS alum would like to be on-again with her ex-husband, so things just may be lining up for a reunion! What do U think, Perezcious readers? Will Julianne and Brooks call the whole split off? Or will Brooks be taking his lovin’ to someone else? Leave your thoughts in the comments (below).

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