Britney Spears Loving All the #FreeBritney Attention While It Lasts?!

This week, the dazzling and talented Britney Spears assured fans that she’s in charge of her own social media — at least, up to a point.

But some fans are still worried — some, that she’s not as free as she claims. Others worry about her mental health.

A pair of new reports shed some light on what’s going on with Britney behind the scenes.

If you can believe it, some fans were freaked out by a recent video that the incomparable Britney Spears shared on Instagram.

In the video, she posed in clothing, modeling different outfits, while “Man Down” by Rihanna plays.

An insider assures RadarOnline that fans have nothing to fear, because the video was posted because Britney “lives for fame!”

Apparently that and her recent bikini photo were intended to capitalize upon the recent focus upon her and her life.

The report suggests that Britney wouldn’t mind some more Instagram followers, and is confident that posting the right content will make that happen.

The source goes on to allege that Britney has been “craving this much attention” for a while, now.

The insider says that Britney is “loving the drama” surrounding her life right now.

To hear the source tell it, she likes it “because it feeds her own insecurities.”

Not even sure what that’s supposed to mean, if we’re being perfectly honest.

“She will always strive to be the cover girl,” the insider declares.

Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the spectrum, another alleged source thinks that Britney is bored … and that it’s all a cry for help.

“Britney is trapped in her castle and has way too much time on her hands,” the insider claims to RadarOnline.

“Obviously,” the source asserts without any sort of evidence. “She is unwell.”

“She is not thinking with a clear and sound mine,” the insider tries to assert.

“Given the fact that the past couple months of her life have been so hectic,” the source notes. “It’s understandable.”

After Britney’s recent declaration that she posts her own videos, a more believable insider spoke to Entertainment Tonight.

According to this source, Britney’s situation “hasn’t changed.”

“When she wants to post a video, she posts a video,” the insider states. “Despite advice from family and friends.”

“Of course,” the source admits. “Sometimes her people are concerned about how she comes across in her videos.”

“But right now,” the insider explains. “Britney would like to exercise her right to do whatever she pleases.”

Good for her.

“Britney isn’t ready to go back to work at the moment,” the source reports. “And definitely needs to take this time for self-care.”

“While [her longtime manager] Larry Rudolph has taken a step back lately,” the insider begins.

The source continues: “he has assured her that the moment she’s ready to go back to work, he will be there for her.”

“He wants to be there for her as a manager,” the insider affirms. “And will always make himself available when it comes to her career.”

Real talk: It almost sounds like this inside source is closer to Rudolph than to Britney, right?

Now, maybe it’s true that Britney is just taking time for herself.

It would be very believable if Britney is posting photo and video updates because she’s free to do so and she wants to reassure fans.

That said, last week there was a rumor that Britney is planning to surprise fans with a single.

While it’s probably not true, given that there’s no evidence of it … an increase in social media activity can be an indicator that something’s about to drop.

It’s at least 99% wishful thinking, but wouldn’t it be great to hear another epic song from the queen of comeback singles?

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