Britney Spears' Former Business Manager Denies Bugging Bedroom

A fight is brewing — and maybe even a war — between Britney Spears and her former business manager, who now says she had nothing to do with allegations of bugging Brit’s bedroom or controlling her medical treatment.

Tri Star Sports and Entertainment Group — run by Lou Taylor — has just filed legal docs asking the judge in the conservatorship case to put the brakes on Britney’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, who wants a full accounting over the last 13 years of Taylor’s involvement. Rosengart has already said he believes money has been mishandled.

Taylor and co. say Rosengart should not be allowed to go back that far. They say Tri Star submitted regular accountings without any objection from Spears over the 11 years Taylor was involved in the conservatorship. Rosengart has said the whole deck was stacked against Britney and even her own lawyer at the time didn’t protect her or her money.

Beyond that, Taylor’s partner, Robin Greenhill, submitted a declaration saying “No one at Tri Star is aware of any hidden electronic surveillance device placed in Ms. Spears’ bedroom.”  She goes on to say, “No one at Tri Star has ever had any control over Ms. Spears’ medical treatment.”

What Greenhill did not address … reports that she controlled Britney’s ability to live the way she wants … allegedly telling Spears on occasion she couldn’t go on vacation or buy certain things because she reached her spending limit.

Britney has broken from Tri Star and is angry over the way Lou Taylor and co. handled her affairs.

Back to the accounting issues … Tri Star says when it resigned from the conservatorship in August, 2020 — claiming Lou and others were getting death threats — they ensured a smooth transition by sharing a complete set of books and records, including more than 16,000 files. Rosengart clearly isn’t going to accept those docs without a flurry of questions.

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