Ben Affleck was in Portugal, was Ana with him and how itchy is her Instagram finger?

Thanks to Lainey at Lainey Gossip for finding and screenshotting the Instagram post above, now deleted, from a model in Portugal who posted a photo with Ben Affleck. That model also has a photo from a shoot with a woman who could possibly be Ana de Armas, although I’m having a hard time telling if it’s her. That photo is below. Lainey posits that Ben traveled to Portugal with Ana for a job she was doing, but I still think it’s super suspicious that he and Ana both dropped out of sight right after the Washington Post article calling them the “pandemics only tabloid celebrities” came out. You know that got under Ben’s skin. He probably decided it was time to take a trip after that. It was a good idea in theory, although in practice it seems kind of selfish to travel at this time when cases are spiking.

Remember when Ben and Ana went to Joshua Tree together for her birthday? She posted all those photos with Ben. Plus she and Ben made out for that music video with other people making out during lockdown. Then, when she went to Ben’s plantation-style (it is!) estate in Georgia with his mom and kids she only posted a photo of the dock and lake. So how much did she want to post a photo from Portugal, if she was there? She most likely was there because the paparazzi don’t have any new photos of her either. I’ll say it, I miss them! Come back Ben and Ana, we miss your thirst.

The photo agency Backgrid, which has consistently had the most photos of these two, posted a photoset of Ben yesterday, July 14th. He looks fit and was said to be waiting for “juice delivery outside his office in Brentwood.” They’re exclusives so we can’t post them, but he’s back now. Will they do another pap stroll soon?

photos credit: Backgrid

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