Becky G Dishes On The Importance of Voting In 2020

Becky G is opening up about voting this year!

The 23-year-old singer recently spoke out on the stakes of the 2020 election and using her platform.

“What I’m trying to accomplish is to have people recognize that juntos somos más; we are so much more powerful when we come together,” she told PopSugar. “Some people just think about who they’re voting for because of how it’s going to affect their taxes. I’m sorry, but where is the human side of anyone when they’re thinking about how it’s going to affect their bank account rather than how it’s going to affect children who are in cages, or what’s happening with human trafficking, or what’s happening with our education system, with our healthcare system?”

“Especially as a Latina woman, a woman of color, I got to step up,” Becky added. “I didn’t realize how much pressure I was going to feel when I was standing right there and looking at the ballot… There were so many things I didn’t recognize. At that moment, I realized I messed up and I never wanted to feel that way ever again.”

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