Bear Pole Dances In Hilarious Video

Everyone wants to shake their booty when they hear Megan Thee Stallion … especially in the animal kingdom!!!

Yes, even wild bears are classy, bougie and ratchet when they hear some MTS … and this pole dancing bear is a straight up SAVAGE!!!

Check out this wild video straight outta the mean streets of Bear Country USA in South Dakota … where the bears are sassy, moody, nasty, and acting stupid by grinding their bear-y big badunkadunks on any pole in sight.

This furry MTS fan got off all fours to grind all up and down this pole in the middle of the drive-thru wildlife park, deep in the heart of the Black Hills.

The bear is giving Megan a run for her money in the twerking department … and the best part is the arms moving and grooving to MTS’ “Savage” beat.

Move over, Takoda, the Internet has a new favorite bear!!!

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