BBC star Martin Bell called out for ‘outrageous cheating’ on Pointless ‘I didn’t pretend’

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Pointless contestant Martin Bell, 82, said he was told off by the show’s hosts Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, after he whispered answers to his fellow contestant MP Michael Fabricant. The pair competed on the show to raise money for charity, but went home with nothing.

He said it’s the most outrageous case of cheating he’d ever seen.

Martin Bell

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, he explained: “I did do Pointless, which hasn’t aired yet.

“They pair you with somebody, I was paired with an MP.

“I had to keep whispering to him the answers, which is of course illegal.”

When asked if he was told off by the team, he added: “I certainly did, he said it’s the most outrageous case of cheating he’d ever seen.

“I didn’t even pretend I wasn’t, I didn’t even pretend to be whispering, I just went and shouted it to him, you wouldn’t believe this MP didn’t know the answer.”

The episode, filmed earlier this year, is yet to be aired.

It was the first time Martin had been on the show, while Michael previously took part in 2018 alongside comedian Rory Bremner.

The BBC star has taken part in a series of quiz shows including ITV’s The Chase.

The former war reporter said he “made a fool” of himself as he forgot answers he knew due to the pressure of being on the spot.

“Sometimes the mind goes blank, you get a mind faze and that’s what happened to me,” he divulged.

“Questions I knew the answers to, I forgot on the night.”

Unfortunately for Martin and his team they were outrun by the chaser, but went home with £1,000 for their charities.

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On the topic of reality shows, the author went on to say he has ruled out Strictly Come Dancing and wouldn’t compete on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!.

“I’m now 82 years old, that speaks for itself doesn’t it,” he laughed.

He added: “After you leave the BBC, you have all kinds of opportunities to make a fool of yourself.

“I have twice turned down to appear on Strictly Come Dancing, very wisely.

“There’s always that category for the old bloke, your John Sergeant or Ann Widdecombe.

“They had me lined up for that and I said no, but I did do Mastermind, which I won.”

Away from the spotlight, Martin released his latest book War and Peacekeeping: Personal Reflections on Conflict and Lasting Peace this month.

In the book, he touches upon his life experiences including his time as a soldier, a war reporter, a member of Parliament and a war crimes witness.

Martin said the reaction to his book has so far been “outstandingly positive”.

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