‘Bachelor’ star Melissa Rycroft ‘really sick’ after trip to Dominican Republic

TV personality Melissa Rycroft has been ill since recently returning home from the Dominican Republic.

Sources told Page Six the former “Dancing With the Stars” and “The Bachelor” star has been battling a mysterious bug after vacationing with her family on the island that has been making headlines for sick visitors (some deathly so) in recent weeks.

A source described Rycroft as “really sick,” but while pals have been worried and buzzing about the former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader’s health, she seems to be taking it in stride and isn’t worried.

An insider told us she was at the Nickelodeon Resort in Punta Cana with her family and then fell ill.

Rycroft elaborated via a rep that she “has had major stomach issues since returning from the Dominican Republic.”

“She got an upset stomach on the second day of vacation, but it passed. Once they came home, she got severe cramping,” the rep said. “It has lasted for over a week, and she’s currently getting tested for possible parasites and any other infections. She’s assuming it’s something foodborne, but no one else in her family is ill.”

On Tuesday, Tracy McCraw, of Madison, Miss., told The Post that she was on a flight full of sick passengers on her way home from Punta Cana.

“It wasn’t like you usually go on a plane and you’re leaving and see other people sick on the plane. There was one lady next to me who was all bundled up, and I could tell she was sick. It was obvious.”

McCraw also said she fell ill.

“It wasn’t like a stomach virus, and I’ve had the stomach virus and food poisoning before,” she said.

A group of Oklahoma teens also fell ill while vacationing in the resort town.

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