Aubrey O’Day Calls Addison Rae and Bhad Bhabie Talentless in New Interview

The former Danity Kane singer talks about how things are now different in the industry while dragging the TikTok star and the ‘Cash Me Outside’ raptress in the process.

AceShowbizAubrey O’Day seemingly thinks it takes only so little for people to become famous nowadays. The former Danity Kane singer talks about how things are now different in the industry while dragging Addison Rae and Danielle Bregoli a.k.a. Bhad Bhabie in the process.

On Tuesday, November 29, SiriusXM shared a clip from an interview with Aubrey which took place on November 17. “Beyonce can release a genius album and the two biggest artists that have huge record deals are Addison Rae and Bhad Bhabie,” she said of the TikToker and the “Cash Me Outside” femcee. “Let’s stop pretending they have talent please.”

Comparing how things were in her era, Aubrey added, “I don’t know what they did. I don’t know the dances that she did on TikTok, I’m sure they were very impressive. Maybe she should go with Gil and learn Janet Jackson‘s choreography, like we had to. Or stand in front of [P. Diddy], Jay-Z or L.A. Reid and sing and prove yourself every day, like I had to.”

Aubrey later noted it’s now easier to be famous since “the gatekeepers are gone.” She went on to say, “Everybody thinks they’re a star. Everybody can be a star. You can fart the national anthem on TikTok, and you’re more famous than me. You’re more relevant than me. You have bigger numbers than me. Congratulations.”

“But the old school people that really had to fight through the gatekeepers every step of the way, there’s a group of us that have a little chip on our shoulder,” she shared.

Fans thought Aubrey was spitting facts in the interview. “You really can become a millionaire superstar by farting the national anthem on tiktok that’s crazy,” one user commented. Another person added, “No lies here it’s getting annoying actually.”

“I definitely get it. Having ‘talent’ is really the LAST thing that matters in the industry nowadays. It’s sad,” someone else wrote. Similarly, one person said, “Everything did use to be based on talent .. Now it’s based on popularity.”

Some others, meanwhile, criticized Aubrey for making the comparison. “While I understand what she’s saying, I’ll never understand the generation before us wanting us to struggle just because they did and not just in music just in general,” one said. “She sound bitter. Times change and u have to change with them. Can’t be mad they getting they 15sec how they get it. A hustle is a hustle,” another user penned.

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