‘Any ideas’ James Jordan issues plea for health advice over ‘painful rash’ on holiday

James Jordan provides update on daughter Ella's health

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James Jordan, 43, is currently on holiday with his wife Ola Jordan, 39, and their young daughter Ella. The former Strictly Come Dancing professional has taken to Twitter to ask for health advice from his followers after he has developed a “painful rash” on his back.

Any ideas anyone?

James Jordan

James penned in view of his 308,600 Twitter followers: “On holiday and have got this painful rash on one side of my back in my belt line.

“Any ideas anyone? Also got a similar pain on the thigh of my right leg but doesn’t look anywhere near as bad.

He continued: “Thoughts? I’m thinking about shingles but don’t know what brings it on.

“Or maybe a heat rash?”

Many social media users took to the posts comments to offer the dancer advice and tips on what to do.

Sharron91864764 said: “This sounds very much like shingles and in my area right now Chickenpox is wild in nurseries and schools as well as Covid.”

Catrin_davies1 added: “I’ve got shingles at the moment – just recovered from Covid and then this!

“I went to the doctor straight away and got antiviral tablets.

“I had a rash on my lower left back. Please go get it checked out – the earlier the better.

“I could have been a lot worse than I have I think x.”

BrumbyKeith commented: “Had it in the same place and it was shingles. Really sore!

“Never really got an explanation of what caused it. Took about two weeks to settle down. It’s a 3 week course of antibiotics.”

James’ tweet asking for help, is worlds away from his normal opinionated side that he unleashes on Twitter.

He took to Twitter last month to slam Vladimir Putin for his invasion of Ukraine.

In a series of tweets, James labelled the Russian president a “nutcase” as he called on the international community to “stop” him.

He wrote: “We need to stop this man NOW because if we don’t this is just the beginning. He is a nutcase!

“We not only have the fight against Covid – we now have a fight against humanity.”

In later tweets James added that Putin was “deranged” and that he should be “wiped off this planet”.

He penned: “So we have Boris and Biden to help sort this mess out – we’re doomed.

“A lot of people in this country that are saying we should stay out of it or let him have Ukraine DON’T know what’s coming if we do nothing.

“The man is deranged and needs to be wiped of this planet plus whatever is within 5 miles of him to make sure the job was done. #Ukraine.” (sic)

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