Angelina Jolie didn’t shower for three days to capture stunning photo for World Bee Day

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Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, 45, has helped to create awareness around World Bee Day by allowing herself to be photographed whilst covered in a swarm of the insects. The activist posed for National Geographic to help raise awareness of the plight of the critters by being photographed while her upper body was covered in a swarm, as she shared the astonishing lengths she went to in order to capture the image.

We couldn’t shower for three days before

Angelina Jolie

The breathtaking shot was captured by amateur beekeeper Dan Winters and portrayed the actress in a natural light.

The ex-wife of actor Brad Pitt was wearing minimal make-up with her hair tied back, revealing her fresh-faced complexion.

With her shoulders bare, the mum-of-six stared straight into the camera as the insects crawled over her face, neck, shoulders and chest.

Appearing calm, the star told the magazine that it “felt lovely to be connected to these beautiful creatures.”

However, the star revealed that a lot of planning went into capturing the shot, as she was told not to shower for three days before the photoshoot.

Experts warned the acting legend that too many scents could confuse the insects.

Angelina said: “It was so funny to be in hair and makeup and wiping yourself with pheromone.

“We couldn’t shower for three days before. Because they told me, ‘If you have all these different scents, shampoos and perfumes and things, the bee doesn’t know what you are.’

She continued to explain that she had blocked several orifices to stop bees wandering too far around her body.

“Then you put a few things up your nose and in your ears so you don’t give them as many holes to climb in”, she went on.

However, despite her best efforts, the star did have one insect that spent the entire shoot in an awkward place.

“I did have one that got under my dress the entire time. It was like one of those old comedies,” she said.

Angelian continued: “‘I kept feeling it on my knee, on my leg, and then I thought, “Oh, this is the worst place to get stung. It’s getting really close.'”

Thankfully the critter left the actress unharmed for the duration of the photoshoot.

“It stayed there the entire time we were doing the shoot. And then when I got all the other bees off, I lifted the skirt and he went away,” she explained.

The Salt star was given the position of “godmother” for Women for Bees.

The program was launched by the United Nations’ UNESCO to train and support female beekeeper-entrepreneurs around the world.

The ambassador went on to say she felt “honoured” and “lucky” to have taken part in the photoshoot.

Elsewhere, the Maleficent actress opened up about why she hasn’t directed any films as of late, putting it down to a change in her family situation surrounding her split from ex Brad.

Angelina said she “needed to be home more”, while detailing her absence since 2017’s First They Killed My Father.

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