Alyssa Milano updates fans on her uncle's condition after heart attack led to scary car accident

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Alyssa Milano shared an update about her uncle’s condition after the duo were involved in a car accident last week when he suffered a heart attack behind the wheel.

The 48-year-old actress was reportedly sitting in the passenger seat of a Ford SUV when her uncle, Mitchell, fell unconscious while driving on a Los Angeles freeway. The actress and activist took to TikTok on Monday to share an update on the situation. 

Her voice appeared to be cracking with emotion as she recounted the harrowing incident. She explained that her uncle Mitch was driving her to a doctor’s appointment to address a ringing in her ears that she believes is a lingering symptom from COVID-19. 

“On the way there, uncle Mitch suffered a major heart attack,” she said. “And he lost consciousness with his foot on the gas and it was some of the most horrifying moments of my life.”

Alyssa Milano shared an update on how her uncle Mitch is doing after their harrowing car accident last week.
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She continued: “I got the car to stop and there were some incredibly kind people who stopped to help me through, you know, the next 40 minutes. So, I feel like I need to say a special thank you to those incredible good samaritans that stopped to help. Please be one of those good samaritans if you see people who are in pain or struggling, please stop to help them.” 

Milano revealed that her uncle is still on life support and “in and out of consciousness.” 

“My brother went there yesterday and played him some oldies and his whole body started moving. So he really loved that,” she explained. “The nurses at UCLA medical center and the doctors are taking such incredible care of uncle Mitch… but he’s got a long road ahead of him.”

The actress’ voice again seemed to start cracking as she recounted the dire medical situation her uncle finds himself in. She revealed that he spiked a fever of 103 degrees the previous night, leading doctors to believe he’s battling an infection in addition to his heart attack.

“But he is a fighter, uncle Mitch is a fighter and the doctors say that every day is a miracle that he still hangs on,” she concluded. 

An update.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Milano’s car drifted into another lane of traffic and struck a different vehicle before she was able to stop it. The good samaritans she mentioned then pulled over and assisted until the Los Angeles Police Department arrived and administered CPR. 

Later that day, Milano took to Twitter to address the situation and call on her followers to learn the life-saving technique in case they ever find themselves in a similar position.

“We should all take every opportunity we have to protect the people we love. Get vaccinated. Wear masks. Lock up your guns. Learn CPR. Small, common-sense actions,” the actress wrote. “It’s not hard to take care of each other, but it is important.”

Later, on Wednesday, Milano took to social media to share more details and confirm what happened. 

“Yesterday, my family suffered a terrifying and traumatic event. I was a passenger in a car my uncle Mitch was driving when he suffered a serious heart attack, resulting in a car crash,” she wrote. “I am grateful to the people who stopped to help us. I’ll never be able to thank them enough for the care and attention they, along with the first responders, doctors, nurses, and staff at UCLA Medical Center paid to him and to me.”

She went on to note what an important figure in her life her uncle is and asked for privacy as the family does not currently know if he’ll recover from his heart attack. 

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