A Woman Suing Nicki Minaj and Her Husband Feels ‘Completely Bullied’ After They Tried to Silence Her

Jennifer Hough, who has accused Kenneth Petty of raping her in the past, claims she once assured the ‘Anaconda’ hitmaker that the incident ‘really happened.’

AceShowbiz -A woman suing Nicki Minaj and her husband for harassment revealed why she took legal action. Jennifer Hough, the victim in Kenneth Petty’s 1995 first-degree attempted rape, claimed she made the move because she feels “completely bullied” by the couple as they tried to silence her.

When speaking to The Daily Beast, Jennifer said she hopes her lawsuit can encourage fellow women to stand up for themselves. “I was never a fan of bullies,” she told the outlet. “I taught my kids, you don’t be a bully and you don’t stand around and watch somebody be a bully. And I guess that’s how I feel in this situation.”

“I’ve been feeling completely bullied – but bullied by the world, almost,” she explained further. “Only because of a statement that was made by someone who just happens to do music. You know? Someone who happens to be famous.”

Jennifer then divulged that she once had a phone call with Nicki in which the “Anaconda” hitmaker offered to fly the former to Los Angeles. The hip-hop star also offered to send her publicist to Jennifer’s place in Atlanta so she can draft a statement recanting. Claiming that she rejected both offers, Jennifer allegedly told the femcee, “Listen. I just need you to know, woman to woman, this really happened.”

Jennifer went on to reveal how her adoptive family reacted to the alleged assault. “Sorry you got raped, but you should have screamed,” Jennifer quoted her adoptive mother as saying.

“Growing up being a biracial girl, it seemed to me that I was always being blamed for how I looked,” she stated. “Any type of inappropriate touching or inappropriate actions that happened… it was always my fault. It was something I did. ‘You must’ve been smiling, or You must have had your hair out.’ “

Jennifer filed her lawsuit against Nicki and Kenneth earlier this month. She accused the pair of intentional infliction of emotional distress, harassment as well as witness intimidation.

Jennifer claimed Nicki sent her lawyers to her home to pressure her into withdrawing her rape allegations. Prior to that, the “Starships” raptress allegedly tried to bribe Jennifer’s brother through her assistants. The attempts, however, didn’t work.

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